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Wednesday, 7th March 2007

I am ready to fly without coming back

What a headline !

This one sentence totally grabbed me right by the throat today.

I cannot imagine there will be a sentence said this year which beats this.  I cannot imagine there is anything said in this century which began on 1st January 2000, which beats this.

"I am ready to fly without coming back"

This is what Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova said yesterday on her 70th birthday honoured by the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.  You can read CNN's commemorative article here.

Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman in space in 1963 at the age of 25.  On her 70th birthday yesterday, she said that if she had the money she would want to realize her lifetime dream, flying to Mars, the Red Planet.  And she punctuated this with :  "I am ready to fly without coming back" !

Ohhhh.  Can you imagine ?  The people who love her, her adult children, her grand-children, her friends.  In order to fulfil the dream of a lifetime, she would be prepared to fly away forever — Forever !  Imagine the months leading to departure, the reminiscing of the good times, of the laughs, of the tears, of the problems, of the joys;  imagine the silent dinner gatherings with everyone around the table wracked with emotion and thinking about the enormity of the coming departure day.  Imagine her emotions at leaving the Earth for her final voyage....

Ohhhhh — this one really grabs me right by the throat !

Someone should make a film with this title.....
—— (TUT) SpaceMan

Thursday, 1st March 2007

How to Disable Windows Vista Security Confirmations

I had been wondering why  the others  here in our office had been smiling knowingly whenever I'd say :  "I've got to make the time to put Vista on my PC".

You see,  the others  have been playing with the Vista Beta for months.  Then, as soon as Microsoft released the official version of Vista, we bought dozens of copies and  the others  installed it on separate partitions on their PCs.  What really started to prickle my curiosity, however, were those smug  "The first time you use it you will hate it!"  comments the "others" kept making whenever I asked them  "So, how is Vista ?".  Grrrr...  "The others"  can be really annoyingly teasing sometimes...

Anyhow, found some time today and installed Vista on my PC.  I am very particular, so if I am using Word 95 (just kidding!), I like to rename the "Word" icon to "Word 95".  So I proceeded to rename the Word icon.  What happened next will forever remain in my memory.  Vista asked me if I really wanted to rename the icon.  I clicked YES.  Then came another confirmation window asking me if I really, really, wanted to rename the icon.  I exploded.  And the entire office cracked up, doing high fives, and yelling :  "We told you you'd hate it the first time you'd use it !".  What on earth possessed Microsoft to come up with this?  It is the most maddening feature of Vista :  Delete confirmation, Rename confirmation, File Delete confirmation, Folder Delete confirmation — they're all fine when all you have is a single confirmation, but two or three confirmation screens ???  Arrrghh — this drove me crazy and I bet 98% of Vista users will hate it as well.

No prizes for guessing what I did next, faced with this Vista installation annoyance :  I immediately asked ..... the others .... for help on turning off this total irritation.  Now, at this point, I need to explain the rationale behind this Vista setting :  the intention is to prevent spyware and malware from deliberately deleting files, folders, or renaming icons, etc...  OK so far.  But do you remember the days when car alarms would go off any time someone walked within a metre of a car, or whenever a cyclist rode past too close, or whenever an inconsequential gust of wind blew past — people started to ignore car alarms and not bother looking out the window to check what was going on.  Car thieves had a great time in those days.  Same thing with Vista's endless multiple confirmations to proceed — users get so irritated they simply stop checking what the confirmation to proceed is about and click Yes all the time and will never notice the time when they should click No.  And why should they care — after all Vista has Microsoft's Windows Defender Anti-Spyware bundled in whose very job it is to tackle spyware and malware before it hurts you !  Now I understand why the others kept sniggering at the thought of my first day on Windows Vista...

So, if you want to know how to turn off the multiple Vista Delete confirmations and Rename confirmations, here goes :

  • Go to the Control Panel.

  • Go into Administrative Tools.

  • Go into System Configuration.

  • Highlight "Disable UAC" (Disable User Account Control).

  • Click LAUNCH in the bottom right corner.

  • This will open a Command Prompt window which should eventually display "The operation completed successfully".

  • Close all windows and reboot your Vista PC.

On reboot, suddenly, Life as you used to know it, will be back.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, if your PC is behind a firewall router, has an updated Windows Defender, an updated reputable antivirus program, and you are careful on where you surf and what you click on, in 99% of cases that is all you need to be totally safe, and I mean totally.
—— (TUT) SpaceMan

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