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Sunday, 14th March 2010


Our Earth is disturbed, Part II — The fishermen were right

So the fishermen were right.  The presence of giant oar fish near the surface, see this London Telegraph article, rather than in their normal deep living environment, was indeed a warning of an impending significant earthquake.

A magnitude 6.6 earthquake struck today 40km off Fukushima on the East Coast of the main Japanese Island, Honshu.  Thankfully, in the World's most earthquake-prone country, as with California, all buildings must be built to be earthquake resistant so damage is limited.  The earthqake was felt 240Kms away in Tokyo, the capital, where buildings shook.

Some train services in the region, including the Shinkansen bullet trains, stopped temporarily after the quake.

I can never understand how scientists so often dismiss local traditions (like the fishermen warning of an impending earthquake) rather than recognize that science only knows 10% of our World, embrace the traditions with an open mind, and try to find the scientific reasons why some local traditions are always right !  After all, all major earthquake agencies state they still cannot predict earthquakes, so why not look at a tradition that seems to get it right !

Only 8 hours before another major earthquake, magnitude 7.0, hit the Moluccan Islands in Indonesia, while tremors were felt by some residents of San Diego after a 4.2 movement in South California.  And in the background there were also six 5.4 or higher earthquakes stretching from Russia to the Pacific island nation of Palau and to the Nicobar Islands, areas massively affected by the 2004 Tsunami.

Our Earth is definitely disturbed and the Japanese fishermen were right.

—— (TUT) SpaceMan

Tuesday, 9th March 2010


Our Earth is disturbed

First it was the heart rending disaster of Haiti (have you thought to make a donation ?).

Then it was Chile (Six magnitude 6+ earthquakes in a week).

Then it was Vanuatu.

And then, within 2 days of each other, first Taiwan, and then Sumatra last week.

And now, Turkey and the Mariana Islands and the South Eastern Pacific the day before last.

13 major earthquakes this year already.  All of them with their horrendous human costs.

Then, in Japan, reports are emerging that normally deep-living oar fish are being found at surface levels and being caught by fisherman whose traditions down the years say that these fish only come to the surface before major earthquakes.

Our Earth is disturbed, for sure.

Did you know there are earthquakes every day, from 20 to 50 earthquakes every day around our planet ?  It's amazing.  As I write this there have been 4 earthquakes in the last 2 hours, two in Chile, one in Alaska, and one in Channel Islands, Hollywood, California !!!  We've had 28 earthquakes today already and the day is not out yet !

Most of these earthquakes cannot be felt, while the others only produce mild shaking of buildings for a few seconds.  What's different in this 2-month old year so far, is the number of earthquakes, above magnitude 6.0, which affect us humans so seriously.

You can see it all at this page from the  US Geological Survey. 

I have had a theory for some time.  I do believe in all the scientific evidence that our climate is changing, that the Earth is getting warmer, and that it is not just a cyclical event, we are the architects of this change.  For sure.

However, what I have also believed for some time is this :  if our Earth is becoming warmer, then the crust of the planet has to be getting warmer, no-one can dispute the logic of that.  And if the crust of our planet is getting warmer, and has been getting warmer for a few years, then it has to follow that a warmer crust will more easily move, will more often move, and will crack more often.  In other words I believe Global Warming will result in more and more earthquakes.

Our Earth is Disturbed.

Discuss !


—— (TUT) SpaceMan


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