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Saturday, 10th November 2012

Barack Obama, Julia Gillard, and Patrice Evra — our World is changing !

Mitt Romney lost the 2012 US Presidential election because he and his party do not understand the country they live in, and if you do not understand your own country then you do not deserve to be its President, period.

A phrase in Mitt Romney's concession speech summarizes everything that is wrong about him and the Republican party : "....... I thank my sons for their tireless work on behalf of the campaign, and thank their wives and children for taking up the slack as their husbands and dads have spent so many weeks away from home".

That is a Thank You from a different world, from the days of Cowboys and Indians !  There are 20,000 modern ways to give the same Thank You's without painting a 50-year old picture of the woman's place being solely to be at home supporting the husbands and cooking for the kids, as he hinted at in the second presidential debate.

There is nothing wrong with a woman being a homemaker.  Nothing whatsoever.  But our world in 2012 is one where women are often the major breadwinner, starting from hotel cleaners all the way up to company CEOs, with many men also increasingly being the homemakers.

It is this changing world which the Republicans simply are not grasping.

This current Republican Party is the Party of White Uneducated Americans :

  • It is uneducated to dismiss 47% of your electorate and assume you can become President by targeting only 53%.

  • It is uneducated not to study current demographics and work out that today's United States includes a melting pot of Americans with no white anglo-saxon heritage about them and that very very soon that melting pot will be the majority.

  • It is uneducated to think that anything Black is bad, like a Black President, and to be so focused on Barak Obama's colour and not distance yourself from the Russ Limbaughs and birthers of this world.

  • It is uneducated to think that slightly higher taxes for the rich who can afford them is the worst type of socialism on the planet.

  • It is uneducated to think that it is OK for the No 1 country in the world to have a healthcare system that is ranked 37th in the world, and that Obamacare is a devilish system.

  • It is uneducated to think that Latinos are no more than illegal immigrants and have nothing to contribute to the US. It is uneducated not to realise that soon Spanish will be the No 1 spoken language in the US.

  • It is uneducated not to remember what the United States is and has always been, a nation of immigrants, and that therefore an illegal immigrants amnesty makes a lot of sense.

  • It is uneducated not to understand the relationship between first class and easily accessible education and keeping the US as the No 1 country in the world.

  • It is uneducated to think that spending 4 years being totally destructive through blocking every single Obama reform in Congress in the hope of making him a one-term only president, will not come back to you come election time because, after having spent 4 years being destructive, you effectively have nothing constructive to build from, no policies to build from in your presidential bid — nothing to show.

  • It is uneducated to think that not allowing women to have 100% control over their own bodies in the same way that men have, is in any way fair.

  • It is uneducated to think that you can be so openly two-faced as to publicly say one thing one week, and a completely different thing the next week in a presidential debate and hope that no-one will notice, in a world where the very audience present at the debate can check the facts and tweets on their smartphones and iPads before the debate moderator has even asked the next question.

  • It is uneducated and condescending to think that your electorate will not remember that your party's past policies are responsible for the banking crisis that the world still has not recovered from.

  • It is uneducated to think that racism, no matter how disguised, will win you an election in today's United States.

  • It is uneducated, and unimaginably appalling and disgusting, not to have sacked Todd Akin ("legitimate rape") and Richard Mourdock ("pregnancy from rape being something God intended to happen") and to then think it was politically correct and acceptable to let them contest their own re-elections.

  • And it is frankly embarrassing and abysmal ignorance to think that a feudal system where the rich gets tax breaks, where Mitt Romney has no transparency with his tax affairs, where the middle class and the poor get no healthcare, where education and easy access to it is not a priority, where climate change is ignored, and where there are binders full of women, can win a presidential election in 2008, let alone four years later in 2012.

Given that the vast majority of Americans, Whites, Blacks, Native Americans, Latinos, gay, lesbians, abled, disabled, young, and old, are intelligent and educated, it is no wonder that Barack Obama easily won his re-election, winning all the states he had won in 2008 bar two.  A 332-206 victory is a crushing victory, and well done to all educated Americans.

And it was an amazing victory.  No American President had ever before been re-elected in the middle of a recession, so for a Black President to be re-elected despite 4 years of a Republican Congress hell bent on blocking all his reforms so that he would hopefully be a one-term only president, shows clearly that Barack Obama is the right president for today's United States, a United States where the overwhelming vast majority are educated, fair minded, for the equality of all races, genders, origins, and sexuality, for peace on Earth whenever possible, and for the care of our planet.

The picture behind Barack Obama during his victory speech was beautiful.  In contrast to the all-white uneducated cast seen in the background behind Mitt Romney throughout his campaign and at his concession speech, the picture behind President Obama was a picture of today's United States :  people of Asian, Arabic, Jewish, and Latin American origins, Whites, Blacks, a white man wiping off a tear or two, men, women — a beautiful picture, the same picture as in 2008.

Our world is changing.  For the better !

The world is changing in Australia too, which provided, for me, the best televised moment of 2012 and the worst follow-up press articles, not only from the Australia press, but also from many crass reporters here in the UK, each time male reporters, the worst being this article from Brendan O'Neill in the Daily Telegraph.  Unfortunately the proliferation of crass articles like that by male journalists shows that there is still some way to go before prejudice of any kind becomes totally unacceptable.  Men like Brendan O'Neill cannot accept that Australia has its first female Prime Minister and they cannot accept that "this is politics" is no excuse for misogynistic disrespect of the country's Prime Minister.  But it is more insidious than this;  if the Australian Leader of the Opposition had been accused of supporting people using the word "Nigger", then Brendan O'Neil and his cronies would have all said that "he must go", but, somehow, it is OK to have that same Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, support political groups calling their Prime Minister a bitch !  Well, Misogyny and Racism are equally unacceptable.

Thankfully, though, the world is changing everywhere, and journalists like Brendan O'Neill are, in 2012, already dinosaurs close to extinction.  Just look at the comment responses to Brendan O'Neill's article to see how marginalised dinosaurs like him are in today's society.

As for Julia Gillard, enjoy below the most inspiring speech I had seen in 2012 until Barack Obama's victory speech (Warning : this video contains shocking and unacceptable material for people who believe in binders full of women) :

And now onto my third star of 2012, Patrice Evra of Manchester United football club here in the UK.

Let me set the scene :  I am a Liverpool supporter through and through and I think Luis Suarez is a brilliant soccer player, a world-class soccer player.  I truly believe that despite playing in a sub-standard Liverpool team, he will this year achieve scoring feats equal to his Ajax Amsterdam days.  But Luis Suarez did say something racist to Patrice Evra and deserved the punishment he got.

But my piece today is not about Luis Suarez but about Patrice Evra.

When one considers the shameless behaviour of the English Football Association in protecting John Terry against the worst consequences of his own identically racist behaviour towards Anton Ferdinand, it is clear that it took remarkable courage for Patrice Evra to report Luis Suarez's words and to stick by it through and through.  While there would be no pressure on Patrice Evra to report racist behaviour in our home country, France, he would have worked out during his time in England the same thing I have :  that in the UK it is a lot more difficult to raise the issue of racism.  But Patrice Evra had the courage to raise the issue and to stick by it.  Well done Patrice Evra.

As I say, our World is changing..............

I cannot end this blog, having mentioned the word "dinosaur", without mentioning one of the crassest moments of 2012, from a truly prehistoric organization.  As many of you will know the BBC in the UK is currently going from one disaster to another, the Jimmy Savile scandal, and now the wrongful paedophilia accusation of Lord McAlpine in a Newsnight programme earlier this week.  Well, on Tuesday 7th, at 6:30 UK time, just before President Obama's victory speech in Chicago, the BBC news anchor turned to an invited American political analyst and began the morning news programme asking her : "Well, shouldn't President Obama count himself lucky ?".

332 — 206 !

Unbelievable !!!  The World may be changing but there are still prejudiced people around...

I instantly switched over to CNN.

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