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Last updated 6-Aug-2016


The Ultimate Troubleshooter v4.96   
25Mb   (Latest Tasks updates 6-Aug-2016)
The Ultimate Tasks, Services, and Startups Manager.  Manage, diagnose, troubleshoot, speed up, and bring stability to your PC(s) the way we do ourselves with this all in-one product, our very own.  For both occasional users and professional users.  Also features the world's best PING, Trace Route, and WHOIS modules for network troubleshooters.  This is the evaluation version $27.50 to purchase.  Learn More.

Football World Cup South Africa 2010 wallchart    150K   (24-July-2010)
See how all the teams in the 2010 Football World Cup (Soccer World Cup) progressed.  Our colourful AnswersThatWork World Cup wallchart was updated throughout the tournament with scores and our own exciting match summaries.  If you want to re-live the 2010 Football World Cup, this is the wallchart for you (runs on all versions of Windows).

A Really Small App 2.0    1.3Mb   (1-Feb-2010)
A fun and free Really Small App showing Running Tasks, Current Startups, CPU and Memory utilization graphs, the number of running processes, and the number of connections to your PC from remote computers (e.g. Trojan viruses, Spyware).  It is also a great default printer changer utility accessible directly from the System Tray with one click of the mouse.

AriTech ASCII Table 1.40    306K   (6-February-2002)
Every programmer or systems person has needed an ASCII table at some stage or other yet, ASCII tables, which should be part of all operating systems, are so difficult to get hold of.  This brilliant tool from Indonesia fills this gap and enables you to view ASCII codes on-screen or print a comprehensive ASCII table.  Free.

Convert 4.10    195K
The ultimate conversion calculator from Joshua Madison.  Think of any type of measurement you wish to convert (feet, centimetres, litres, Celcius, seconds, sqft, degrees, etc...), it will do it.  And you can even program it to do conversions between changeable values, such as currency conversions.  A must for anyone who regularly deals with different countries' measurements.  Free.

eCleaner 2.01    457K
A great free little utility.  How many times have you pasted into a document text that you picked up from an e-mail or from the web, and then spent half an hour getting rid of the unwanted line breaks, or getting rid of the dozens of spaces at the beginning of each line?  With eCleaner this is now a thing of the past!  First configure it once and for all to "Leave blank lines".  Thereafter simply copy and paste any e-mail or web text into eCleaner, press the "Clean" button, immediately switch back to your wordprocessor or e-mail, and paste.  As simple as that.  Free.

HxD Hex Editor    880K   (18-November-2010)
A tool for the techies.  What more can we say, the name says it all.  And it's free!  This is the best Hex Editor around, bar none.  You can edit files, the hard disk (!!) and even your PC's memory.  As the author says "You can employ it to analyze big log files, patch ROM files for emulators, repair disk structures, validate data or search for game cheats.  Features of HxD include efficient handling of huge files, fast and flexible search & replace, file comparison, checksum & hash generation, exporting to several formats (source code, formatted output like HTML, hex files for EEPROM programming), a file shredder, a file splitter/joiner, and graphical statistics".  And it's FREE !!!

NoteTab Light 6.2    1.8Mb   (18-November-2010)
Unbelievable.  Ridiculous.  We were introduced to this 8th wonder of the world as a simple replacement to Windows' Notepad.  This free utility blows the mind :  not only is it the most advanced Text Editor in the universe, it is in fact a virtual control center for all systems people. Judge for yourself :  a text editor, two HTML editors with full dictionary, syntax checker, structure guidance, and examples, a private Clipboard, fully programmable through advanced macro and scripting language, you can launch anything from within it, an FTP client, full FTP scripting for automated FTP tasks, a spell checker, a file compare utility, a reminder alarm of tasks to do, imperial to decimal converter calculators, currency calculator.  Need we say more?  And this is the free LITE version !!  Also runs on Apple Macintosh virtual PCs.

Ultra-Edit32 v15.20     17Mb   (22-November-2010)
There are excellent Hex Editors, like HxD Hex Editor featured earlier on this page, and there is Simply The Best.  We at AnswersThatWork use HxD Hex Editor whenever we are at a customer and need a Hex Editor straight away.  In our office, however, Ultra-Edit32 is the one and only. Multiple file edits, Plain Text editing, Hex Editing, HTML editing, Programming Editing, Macros, File comparison, Encoding translations (MAC, Linux, EBCDIC, DOS, Windows OEM, ANSI), Multiple Clipboards, Bookmarks, this one has the lot.  If you only need a Hex Editor occasionally, get the HxD Hex Editor.  If you are a developer, or you are in Systems Support, Networking, etc..,  then pay $59.95 for Ultra-Edit32, it is an excellent investment.  This is a 30-day evaluation version.  Works on all versions of Windows.





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