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Last updated 16-June-2007

eCleaner 2.01    457K
A great free little utility.  How many times have you pasted into a document text that you picked up from an e-mail or from the web, and then spent half an hour getting rid of the unwanted line breaks, or getting rid of the dozens of spaces at the beginning of each line?  With eCleaner this is now a thing of the past!  First configure it once and for all to "Leave blank lines".  Thereafter simply copy and paste any e-mail or web text into eCleaner, press the "Clean" button, immediately switch back to your wordprocessor or e-mail, and paste.  As simple as that.  Free.

PopTray 3.2    1Mb   (16-June-2007)
The Ultimate email notification program.  If you have to keep tab on many POP email accounts, then this is the program for you.  Its list of features is staggering.  You can keep tabs on an infinite amount of POP mail accounts.  You can choose between a variety of alerts (sound, flashing System Tray icon, popup window).  You can configure the program to check at specific intervals on a global basis, or set individual intervals for each email account.  You can read your emails directly from within the program and respond to them, and still pick up the same emails from within your normal email program when you are back at home, say, or you can have PopTray always bring up your normal email program (Outlook Express, say).  You can configure Hotkeys and what Double-clicking on the System Tray PopTray should do.  You can have PopTray show in your own language (24 languages so far!).  You can set email rules, exactly as in most email programs.  And, finally, the icing on the cake :  you can password PopTray so that other users cannot start it or open it when it is flagging that messages are waiting for you.  Are you amazed ?  We are !  Runs on WinXP/2003/Vista/Win7.  FREE.

Spell Checker for OE 2.1    609K   (1-April-2007)
Free English US Spell Checker for Outlook Express.  Excellent spelling checker for users who have Outlook Express and want a spell check program but do not have any Microsoft Office programs installed (Outlook Express uses the MSOffice spell checker files to provide its spell check facilities).  This program is also useful for users who have seen their Outlook Express Spell Checker wiped out by the installation of Microsoft Office 2007 as the MSOffice 2007 spell check files are not compatible with Outlook Express if you have experienced this then this program will restore your ability to spell check your emails.  English US spell check only.   Free.





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