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Last updated 22-November-2010

Media Center 15.0.142    17Mb   (22-November-2010)
Ze Best !!  Absolument !  This used to be called Media Jukebox.  The developers re-wrote the product entirely, called it Media Center, and, best of all, finally eliminated the nagging occasional stability problems of Media Jukebox in an otherwise brilliant product.  There cannot be a better companion to your CD-Writer than this.  The must-have for listening to MP3 or any other type of music files.  Rip (copy) music tracks directly from your CD-ROM drive to hard disk and create compilation CDs from MP3 files and/or from individual tracks from your CD collections.  Full CDDB compliance means that, if you are connected to the Internet, all you have to do is point it to any music CD or music file and it will display the title of the song, artist, and album.  Handles MP3, the increasingly popular Ogg Vorbis format, Windows Media, Play Lists, RealAudio, Liquid Audio, in fact all media types that exist "out there";  and now it even handles images (for your digital camera collections), in fact any type of multimedia files, or you can use it for straightforward data files handling.  A brilliant and intuitive interface we tried 33 offerings and none matched Media Center.  It also does CD copying, it includes file conversion to allow you to convert files from one format to another, and it will create your CDs at any speed up to your CD-Writer's top writing speed.  This is a fully enabled 30-days evaluation the full product costs $49.98.  This is software that makes you purr.





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Media Center 15.0.142