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Last updated 20-November-2010

A Really Small App 2.0    1.3Mb   (1-Feb-2010)
A fun and free Really Small App showing Running Tasks, Current Startups, CPU and Memory utilization graphs, the number of running processes, and the number of connections to your PC from remote computers (e.g. Trojan viruses, Spyware).  It is also a great default printer changer utility accessible directly from the System Tray with one click of the mouse.

ATW-NETSTAT  v1.2    48K   (20-December-2006)
One for the techies, or the plain curious.  Windows XP/2003 have a DOS command called NETSTAT which displays all the TCP/IP connections on your PC.  We have extended this command by matching up the output of the command with the programs which are actually running on your PC.  The results are presented in an easy-to-read fashion, and, for future reference, you can also save those results to a file which has an automatically generated filename which includes the date and time for easy sorting.  Type ATW-NETSTAT /HELP for more details.  Free.

Ideal Administration 10.7    17Mb   (18-November-2010)
The ultimate Windows NT4/2000/2003/2008 Server Administration Tool.  This tool is a must for all Windows NT4/2000/2003/2008 Server installations as, crucially, it enables you to backup Users (and all their attributes), Groups, and shares, and then restore them on another server the day that your server crashes for good !  Secure and fast remote control of remote servers and workstations, Database Inventory of servers and workstations, objects migration between servers, Exchange management, and more.  This is a limited demo which does not allow you to import onto another server.  Prices start at $340.  Available in French and German also.

MACView 1.1 for NetWare    370K
An interesting little utility for Novell networks.  Enables you to quickly see who is logged in on a NetWare network thus eliminating the need to do an RCONSOLE onto the server.  Also displays the MAC addresses of the users' network cards (hence the name of the program), each network card's manufacturer, the last user login time, the NDS Tree, the network number, the connection ID, and the type of object.  You can very usefully sort the information in all imaginable orders, and, last but not least, you can save to disk or print the displayed information.  A tiny little gem.  Free.

NetSwitcher 3.82    3.4Mb   (20-November-2010)
Ever had to change your network settings every time you sit down at a client's site, or fumble with your IP address configuration, network shares, printer captures, e-mail clients, and network protocols and clients every time you plug into your home network, your office network, or a client's network ?  If Yes then NetSwitcher is the tool for you.  Dead easy to use :  simply set up various configuration profiles, and then use the relevant profile for your current location.  You're at home, click on the Home Profile to activate it; you're at work, click on the Work profile to activate it; you're at a regular client, just activate that profile, and so on.  A breeze.  $14 to purchase when this full-featured demo expires.  Windows XP/Vista/Win7.





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