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Last updated 6-Aug-2016


The Ultimate Troubleshooter v4.96   25Mb   (Latest Tasks updates 6-Aug-2016)
The Ultimate Tasks, Services, and Startups Manager.  Manage, diagnose, troubleshoot, speed up, and bring stability to your PC(s) the way we do ourselves with this all in-one product, our very own.  For both occasional users and professional users.  Also features the world's best PING, Trace Route, and WHOIS modules for network troubleshooters.  This is the evaluation version $27.50 to purchase.  Learn More.

A Really Small App 2.0    1.3Mb   (1-Feb-2010)
A fun and free Really Small App showing Running Tasks, Current Startups, CPU and Memory utilization graphs, the number of running processes, and the number of connections to your PC from remote computers (e.g. Trojan viruses, Spyware).  It is also a great default printer changer utility accessible directly from the System Tray with one click of the mouse.

EasyCleaner    2.9Mb   (16-June-2007)
This versatile utility enables you to clean your Windows Registry of obsolete entries, thus significantly reducing the boot time of your Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP PC.  It also includes the ability to automate the deletion of temporary files from your hard disk, as instructed in our "Recommended Windows 95/98/ME regular Housekeeping tasks" document.  Finally, it also has an excellent Start Menu cleanup facility which can simplify the removal of those dreaded links to the A: drive which always result in your PC accessing your floppy drive when it starts, and whenever you use Explorer.  An excellent tool.  If you use it to clean your Registry, remember to first close all programs and tray icons before cleaning your registry, and also reboot your PC immediately after cleaning the registry you will avoid problems this way.  Use carefully !  Free.

Registrar Lite 6.52    2.7Mb   (21-November-2010)
The best free Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/Win7 Registry Editor anywhere.  The Search facility alone is worth the download unlike the standard Windows REGEDIT which only allows you to search in step mode fashion, with Registrar Lite you can search the entire Registry or selected trees in one go with all matches presented together, an immense time saviour when you want to delete, for example, all references to a particular piece of software.  You can also search for key names only, for value names only, for data values only, or any combination of the three.  You can set bookmarks, and have bookmarks coloured.  Registrar Lite also includes helpful descriptions about the most common registry keys, the facility to backup or restore your registry, property sheets for keys, the ability to expand a whole subtree in one go, and more, and more.  And this is just the free version the full version adds powerful remote facilities for the administration of user registries in a network environment, as well as a few other extras.  An indispensable tool for anyone who edits the Windows Registry.

WinRetrieve    242K   (5-August-2001)
For System Builders.  This utility enables you to change Windows' Licensed Owner and Organization, Product CD Key, Product ID, and OEM information.  This means that you can now produce PC systems en-masse with your own standard Windows configuration, and only personalize each PC at the actual time of sale to the end-user where, with the help of WinRetrieve, you will be able to change all key information to reflect the purchaser's personal details and licensed Windows software.  Free.

XQDC X-Setup Pro 9.1    4.5Mb   (22-November-2010)
If you doubted it, real Magic does exist it's called XQDC X-Setup.  The ultimate Windows XP/2003/Vista/Win7 tool for System and Network specialists.  This tool blows the mind.  It gives you access to every single registry setting and tweak available.  Browsing help files is a thing of the past :  you want to hide the Control Panel, use this;  you want to automatically logon to your network, use this; you want to hide the "Add/Remove Programs" icon so end-users do not do damage, use this.  This tool gives you access to hundreds of Registry tweaks and settings you didn't even know existed :  Shutdown settings, Startup settings, DVD Region, transferring entries from parts of the registry to others, etc..., the list goes on.  A must for advanced users.  Free for everyone as the writers, WUG, went into insolvency in 2010 and gave the following key for all users :  XSA092-11TA9R-8K12YT.





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