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Last updated 22-November-2010

FTP Voyager
    5.8Mb   (18-November-2010)
Every serious web designer will one day need an FTP client.  There are many FTP clients out there, and everyone has his favourite.  After evaluation of many offerings, we at AnswersThatWork decided on using FTP Voyager for what we felt was its superior user friendliness, clarity, and intuitive feeling.  If you know Windows Explorer, you know FTP Voyager, as simple as that!  And even better, for multinationals, and for our non-English speaking visitors, FTP Voyager comes in English, Chinese, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish versions.  This version is the English version.  For all versions of Windows.  This is a 30-day evaluation the full product costs $39.95.

NoteTab Light 6.2    1.8Mb   (18-November-2010)
Unbelievable.  Ridiculous.  We were introduced to this 8th wonder of the world as a simple replacement to Windows' Notepad.  This free utility blows the mind :  not only is it the most advanced Text Editor in the universe, it is in fact a virtual control center for all systems people. Judge for yourself :  a text editor, two HTML editors with full dictionary, syntax checker, structure guidance, and examples, a private Clipboard, fully programmable through advanced macro and scripting language, you can launch anything from within it, an FTP client, full FTP scripting for automated FTP tasks, a spell checker, a file compare utility, a reminder alarm of tasks to do, imperial to decimal converter calculators, currency calculator.  Need we say more?  And this is the free LITE version !!  Also runs on Apple Macintosh virtual PCs.

SurfStats    14.3Mb   (2-January-2004)
For Windows 9x/NT4/2000/XP/2003.  For web developers and website managers.  The best website statistics reporting program out there.  This program handles almost all types of webserver log files and produces elegant columnar and graphical statistics about your website.  You think of something you want to report on, it has it.  You can now easily find out how your website is performing, which pages are accessed the most, how many hits and page views you get, who visits you, when, and lots more...  As for the developers of the program, they are a joy to deal with suggest any new feature which sounds useful and they will implement it.  You could pay $800, $3000, or more, and you will still not get anything better or easier to use than this $95 program.  A true gem.

Ultra-Edit32 v15.20     17Mb   (22-November-2010)
There are excellent Hex Editors, like HxD Hex Editor featured earlier on this page, and there is Simply The Best.  We at AnswersThatWork use HxD Hex Editor whenever we are at a customer and need a Hex Editor straight away.  In our office, however, Ultra-Edit32 is the one and only. Multiple file edits, Plain Text editing, Hex Editing, HTML editing, Programming Editing, Macros, File comparison, Encoding translations (MAC, Linux, EBCDIC, DOS, Windows OEM, ANSI), Multiple Clipboards, Bookmarks, this one has the lot.  If you only need a Hex Editor occasionally, get the HxD Hex Editor.  If you are a developer, or you are in Systems Support, Networking, etc..,  then pay $59.95 for Ultra-Edit32, it is an excellent investment.  This is a 30-day evaluation version.  Works on all versions of Windows.





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Ultra-Edit32 v15.20
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