Novell NetWare 5.x

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Problem Your NetWare 5 fileserver loses time on a daily basis
You have just installed a new Novell NetWare 5 fileserver, or you have upgraded your existing NetWare 5 fileserver and you find that it loses time every day.  On some days it will lose hours at a time, while at other times it even loses whole days, and you find you have to reset the clock every day.  If this is you, then this document will show you how to correct the problem.

Tip Serial-ATA (SATA) support for NetWare 5.0   (11-Feb-2006)
Ever wondered how to make NetWare 5.0 work with Serial-ATA hard disks (whether it is installing NetWare onto a new motherboard with SATA support, or simply looking for NetWare drivers for a SATA NetWare upgrade on an existing motherboard) and spent ages on the Novell knowledgebase or Google, without success ?  Search no longer!  This document details the steps on how to install NetWare 5.0 so that it works with Serial-ATA (SATA) hard disks (also applies to Novell Small Business Suite aka Novell SBS)






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