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BIOS American Megatrends Inc (AMI) v2.61 BIOS setup guidelines   (25-Sep-2009)
Guidelines on how to set up your PC's BIOS if you have an AMI v02.61 BIOS on an AM2/AM2+/AM3 motherboard (AMD chipset).

BIOS Award v6.00PG BIOS setup guidelines
Guidelines on how to set up your PC's BIOS/CMOS if you have an Award v6.00PG BIOS.

Problem Determining if a COM port works or not
You have been trying to install something on your PC's COM port and it does not work, so you would like to determine if the problem is with your new piece of equipment or with your PC's COM port.  If that is you, then this document is for you.

Problem PC/Server reboots spontaneously, what could it be ?   (23-Dec-2005)
There are five main reasons why a PC or Server might reboot spontaneously.  If you are experiencing computer restarting problems, read this document for help on sorting the problem out.

Problem Your laptop keeps shutting itself down or restarting   (4-Jan-2006)
Many laptop users eventually experience the problem of their laptop shutting itself off or rebooting spontaneously.  Save yourself time investigating this problem and use this document which details all the steps which your laptop manufacturer helpline will usually take you through anyway.

Problem Your NetWare 5 fileserver loses time on a daily basis
You have just installed a new Novell NetWare 5 fileserver, or you have upgraded your existing NetWare 5 fileserver and you find that it loses time every day.  On some days it will lose hours at a time, while at other times it even loses whole days, and you find you have to reset the clock every day.  If this is you, then this document will show you how to correct the problem.

Problem Your newly built, upgraded, or repaired PC will not start   (2-May-2006)
You have just built a brand new PC, or you have upgraded or repaired your PC.  You turn it on and ........ nothing happens the PC does not boot.  No matter what you do you just cannot get a display the computer will not boot.  If that is you, at the edge of despair, pick up this document for an absolute foolproof strategy for homing in on the exact problem.

Tip Getting into a password protected BIOS   (23-Dec-2005)
If you absolutely need to get into a PC's BIOS but do not know the BIOS password (you have lost it, or the end-user does not know it), then this document should help you do it.

Tip Identifying your Graphics card without opening your PC   (23-Dec-2005)
Lost your Graphics card drivers ?  Need to re-install them ?  Can't face opening your PC to check what Graphics card you actually have ?  Or, you are an end-user and have no idea as to how to open your PC, let alone taking cards out to check what their names are.  If that is you, this document shows you an alternative way of identifying your Graphics card without using a screwdriver !

Tip Resetting a Lexmark printer back to its Factory Defaults   (14-Apr-2012)
If you find that you need to reset your Lexmark colour laser printer back to its original Factory Defaults Settings because, for example, you have no records of the password which protects the printer's Control Panel or the HTTP interface, or because you are troubleshooting a strange printing problem, then this is the document you need.






























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