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Network PC boots straight into Windows after Novell NT Client v4.83
You have just installed or upgraded your Novell NT Client to version 4.83, and you find that your PC now boots straight into Windows without presenting you with the Novell Login screen.  This document has the answer.

Setup - How to SYSPREP a Windows XP Pro PC setup   (30-Mar-2008)
Tired of setting up your company's new PCs from scratch ?  Or you know about Microsoft's SYSPREP but have been told you can only use it if the target PC has exactly the same hardware ?  If this is you then you should read this document :  it walks you through streamlining how to set up new PCs in your company, and, for those who know about SYSPREP, it shows you how you can use SYSPREP across any PC hardware.

Tip How to do a ScanDisk in Windows XP Pro   (27-Sep-2008)
Document which shows the reader how to run ScanDisk in Windows XP (where it is called CheckDisk CHKDSK.EXE) and how to view the CheckDisk log.

Tip How to hide a user from the Windows XP Welcome Screen   (19-Apr-2008)
Ever wanted to hide a rarely used user account, or an Administrator account, from the XP Logon screen, either to reduce clutter or to simply hide an account with Administrator privileges ?  Look no further this document shows you how.







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