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Install Installing TweakUI v1.33
Detailed instructions on how to install Microsoft's TweakUI.

Install Re-installing a native Windows Application
For some reason or other you need to re-install one of the native applications which come with Windows, as it does not work properly.  Such native application could be Paint, WordPad, Notepad, Imaging, etc...  You are an end-user, you have never done this before, and you do not know where to begin :  this document is for you.

Problem A new or perfectly fine CD-ROM drive does not work in in98/ME/2000   (6-Apr-2007)
You have a brand new CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, or a DVD-Writer, and it does not work.  Yet you know that the drive is fine (possibly because you have tried it in another PC).  You look in Device Manager and notice an error about device driver problems or the possibility that your Windows Registry might be corrupted.  If this is you, this document should help you.

Problem Cannot delete any files in Windows or Deleted files never go to the Recycle Bin
You have Windows 95/98/ME and you are trying to delete a file through Windows Explorer, or through My Computer, and you are simply unable to delete the file all you get is the error message  "Cannot delete this file. Cannot find specified path".  Or your deleted files never go to the Recycle Bin no matter how you configure the Recycle Bin, and you have verified you do not have a virus !  The reason for both these problems is you have a corrupted Recycled Bin use this document to solve the problem.

Problem Cannot start a DOS session
Whenever you try to start a DOS session, start an MS-DOS prompt, restart in DOS mode, or run Scandisk, you get a message telling you that you do not have enough memory to do that, or that there are restrictions in effect on your PC.  This document explains why and shows you how to work around this problem.

Problem Fixing "Low on Registry Space" errors   (21-Oct-2008)
This document simply details the solution to the following error in Windows XP/2003 :  "The System has reached the maximum size allowed for the system part of the registry Additional storage requests will be ignored".

Problem "Incompatible version of the RPC stub" error
If you have  Windows 95/98/ME  and you get an  "Incompatible version of the RPC stub"  error, or you get  "The InstallShield Engine ("ikernel.exe") could not be launched. Error loading type library/DLL",  when you try to install software, then this document is for you. This document refers to the MCREPAIR.EXE file below.

Problem MCREPAIR.EXE for "Incompatible version of the RPC stub" error
This is the  MCREPAIR.EXE  file mentioned in the document above.

Problem Scandisk or Defragmenter keeps restarting and never completes
You are trying to run Scandisk or to defragment your hard disk but the Windows 95/98/ME Scandisk/Defragmenter keeps restarting midway through the defragmentation process, often complaining that the "Drive's contents has changed".  This document shows you how to troubleshoot such situations.

Problem The sound is faint or does not work
Use this document as a starting point if you are experiencing sound problems with your PC, such as faint sound, or no sound at all.

Problem You have the "MinSPs" problem !!
On boot-up, or while simply using Windows, or possibly while specifically using disk utilities such as ScanDisk or Defrag, you get the infamous  "MinSPs"  problem.  If this is you, download this document for the solution.

Problem Win9x/WinME runs slower after a Windows re-install or Motherboard upgrade
You have just upgraded to Windows 98 or ME, or you decided to re-install Windows, or you had to change your motherboard, or you updated your motherboard IDE drivers, and you find that your PC feels and operates significantly slower than before the changes.  If this is you, then this document may solve your problem.

Tip Inserting screen shots into a document
Many first time or occasional users often wonder how to go about inserting screen shots into documents (pictures of what is displayed on the screen).  This document details how to do it.

Tip Multi-column 'Programs' menu in Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000
If you are seriously irritated by the scrolling single-column Programs menu of Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000, and would much prefer the infinitely more user-friendly multi-column Programs menu of Windows 95, then this document is for you.  This document uses the *Win98_Start_Menu_Multi_Columns.reg* file mentioned below.

Tip FILE for Multi-column 'Programs' menu in Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000
This file, *Win98_Start_Menu_Multi_Columns.reg*, is for use with the document above.

Tip Making a program always open in 'full-screen' mode
Frustrated by having to maximize that program every single time you use it ?  We know how you feel !  This document will show you how to ensure that a program always opens in full-screen mode.

Tip Naming Guidelines for 'Long Filenames' environments  (29-Apr-2004)
This document provides general guidelines for designing a filing system on your PC, or on your company network, that will enable you to find documents easily, now and in the future.

Tip Recommended regular Windows 95/98/ME Housekeeping Tasks  (10-Feb-2002)
Just as you would your car, it is a good idea to take care of your PC once in a while, give it a good wash, rinse, polish, pump up the tyres, hoover, and T-cut!  Well, PCs do not have quite the same requirements, yet, but a little regular housekeeping will go a long way towards helping your PC stay in general "good health".  For Windows 95, 98 and ME users.





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