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Config ATW's Minimum Specs recommendation when buying a new laptop    (24-Jun-2007)
Need to buy or recommend a new laptop ?  Unsure about what to go for ?  Unsure how to choose the right laptop FOR YOU ?  Check this document out, check out our laptop recommended specifications it should guide you towards the right decision for your needs. This document will be updated regularly.

Config Our recommended configuration for Internet Explorer 7   (8-Feb-2007)
Whilst a massive improvement over IE6, Internet Explorer 7's default configuration is not as user-friendly as it could be, particularly as regards the way in which the tabs behave, or the handling of Temporary Internet Files, of RSS feeds, and other items.  This document will help you configure IE7 in a user-friendly manner with all little annoyances removed so that you can enjoy browsing the Internet smoothly and efficiently at all times.  This document is also useful for users who want to get rid of the extremely irritating message, "The publisher could not be verified.  Are you sure you want to run this software ?", when running programs from a network drive.

Norton AntiVirus Recommended configuration for Norton AntiVirus 2006   (22-Mar-2007)
In our experience the default configuration of Norton AntiVirus 2006 often leads to significantly slower PCs, or to prompts which confuse or panic the inexperienced user, sometimes leading to unnecessary end-user anxiety at his/her inability to delete a virus infected file which refuses to be deleted.  This document will help you configure Norton AntiVirus 2006 in a secure but flexible manner so that Norton AntiVirus 2006 works efficiently and effectively in the background, and as unobtrusively as possible.

Config Our recommended configuration for  pdfFactory Pro 2.xx  (13-Aug-2005)
FinePrint's  pdfFactory Pro  is one of the best PDF generation programs on the market, if not the best in our opinion.  However, the default configuration of  pdfFactory Pro  leaves a lot to be desired, to the point where, in some cases, the quality of the generated PDFs can put off the end-user with the end-user turning to other products.  This document shows you our recommended configuration settings for  pdfFactory Pro  to help you create first class secure PDFs.

PC Care Take care of your PC by protecting it from Heat   (6-Apr-2007)
If you did not know it, Heat is in most cases what eventually brings a PC to a terminal halt sometimes it will be slowly over many years, sometimes it will be fast.  Keeping your computer's temperature down, eliminating any chance of high computer heat and computer heat problems, will in most cases go a long way towards ensuring that your PC runs for years without experiencing hardware failures.  Read this.
























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