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AnswersThatWork's Minimum Specs recommendation when buying a new laptop    (24-Jun-2007)
Need to buy or recommend a new laptop ?  Unsure about what to go for ?  Unsure how to choose the right laptop FOR YOU ?  Check this document out, check out our laptop recommended specifications it should guide you towards the right decision for your needs. This document will be updated regularly.

Checklist for delivery of a new system to a client    (22-Dec-2005)
Ever turned up at a customer to deliver a new system and then found that you need to go to a PC store because you left the mouse or network cable back at base ?  Well, no longer.  Use this AnswersThatWork checklist to make sure this never happens...... again !

Post-Repair/Upgrade/Udate PC Check List for Win95/98 PCs    (22-Dec-2000)
This is the Check List we use at Answers That Work whenever we go to a customer to repair or upgrade a Windows 95/98 PC, fix a software problem, or update software.  Once we have completed the job, we run through every point on this Check List to make sure the end-user is left with a PC in full working order.  If you are a consultant, repair PCs, or fix friend's computers, you may find this Check List useful.  (Use this document in conjunction with the "Recommended regular Windows 95/98 Housekeeping Tasks" document in the Hottest Tips section).










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