Novell GroupWise 5.5

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Problem Banner not printing when printing e-mails
This document shows how to correct the rare problem when, on a specific PC, GroupWise e-mails print without the Username, Message Title, and Page Number banner at the top of each printed page.

Tip Automated 'I am away today' replies to external e-mails   (19-Dec-2005)
This document guides the user through creating a GroupWise 5.5 rule that will send an automated reply to all incoming external e-mails great for when you go away on holiday, meetings, conferences, etc...  The method detailed in this document has been specifically designed to avoid endless automated replies to automated replies.  A  "must read"  for GroupWise users.

Tip Automatically forwarding incoming external e-mails to another e-mail address
This document guides the user through setting up a GroupWise rule that will automatically forward all incoming external e-mails to another e-mail address.

Tip Creating a folder that lists Unread External E-mails
One of the most commonly requested facilities by many users is the ability to have a folder that will only show unread external e-mails.  This document takes you through the steps required to create such a folder.

Tip Creating an industry standard "Sent Items" folder in GroupWise 5.5   (29-Nov-2004)
Most things in GroupWise are very good to excellent, except for the  "Sent Items"  folder which is totally non-standard in its implementation and as a direct result causes confusion, frustration, and, too often, loss of e-mails.  This document explains why you should get rid of it and guides you through creating an industry standard  "Sent Items"  folder in its place.

Tip Showing only Outstanding Tasks on the calendar
Some users like to see tasks disappear from their calendar as they complete them, so that the calendar only ever displays Outstanding Tasks.  This document shows you how to achieve this.

Using Using Remote GroupWise 5.5
This document gives you a quick start guide to using Remote GroupWise 5.5.












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