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Install Getting rid of the "Microsoft Exchange Server" window
If your GroupWise users complain that a "Microsoft Exchange Server" window keeps coming up whenever GroupWise starts up and that they do not know what to do with it, pick up this document which will show you how to get rid of it permanently.

Install Identify obsolete files and directories after 4.1 to 5.x migration
This document lists all the obsolete files and directories that you can delete after a GroupWise migration/upgrade from version 4.1 to any version of GroupWise 5.

Problem Some GroupWise features do not work under Windows XP SP2    (17-Sep-2005)
You are running GroupWise 6.x on Windows XP SP2 PCs on a Novell network.  The PCs also connect to Windows 2000/2003 servers and some of the users complain that they cannot use the GroupWise Month Calendar View, or that they cannot use the Spell Checker.  If this is your scenario then this document should help you resolve the problem.

Tip Changing the default Language in GroupWise 5.x
This is primarily for non-US based GroupWise users who wish to use the spell checker and other such tools, in their own language rather than US English.  The problem is that even if the correct language is chosen during the installation of GroupWise, GroupWise always initially defaults to US English, and working out how to change that default is not obvious.  This document fills that gap.

Tip Creating an industry standard "Sent Items" folder in GroupWise 5.5
Most things in GroupWise are very good to excellent, except for the  "Sent Items"  folder which is totally non-standard in its implementation and as a direct result causes confusion, frustration, and, too often, loss of e-mails.  This document explains why you should get rid of it and guides you through creating an industry standard  "Sent Items"  folder in its place.

Tip Successfully resizing windows in GroupWise 5
One of the most common complaints of new users of  GroupWise 5  is finding that the GroupWise windows they have carefully resized, keep going back to their previous settings the next time they restart their PC.  This document shows the user how to successfully permanently resize a GroupWise 5 window.




















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