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Config ATW's Minimum Specs recommendation when buying a new laptop    (24-Jun-2007)
Need to buy or recommend a new laptop ?  Unsure about what to go for ?  Unsure how to choose the right laptop FOR YOU ?  Check this document out, check our our laptop recommended specifications it should guide you towards the right decision for your needs. This document will be updated regularly.

Config Configuring Windows Vista with the Classic View (Classic Look)   (1-Apr-2008)
Many seasoned advanced Windows users who upgrade to Windows Vista will initially feel frustrated and slowed down by the default Windows Vista interface which is clearly aimed at "beginners" rather than at regular fast computer users.  Some will decide to stay with it, others will want the simpler and "faster-to-operate" interface of Windows 95/98/ME the Classical Look (or Vista Classical View).  If you are such a person, then this document is for you.

Config Creating a RAID 1 mirror when Windows is already installed   (16-Apr-2010)
Looking for a step by step procedure on how to safely create a RAID 1 mirror system on a PC or server that already has Windows installed ?  Using an Adaptec SATA-II or SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) RAID controller ?  Look no further, these detailed step by step instructions will take you there.

Config Our recommended configuration for Internet Explorer 7   (8-Feb-2007)
Whilst a massive improvement over IE6, Internet Explorer 7's default configuration is not as user-friendly as it could be, particularly as regards the way in which the tabs behave, or the handling of Temporary Internet Files, of RSS feeds, and other items.  This document will help you configure IE7 in a user-friendly manner with all little annoyances removed so that you can enjoy browsing the Internet smoothly and efficiently at all times.  This document is also useful for users who want to get rid of the extremely irritating message, "The publisher could not be verified.  Are you sure you want to run this software ?", when running programs from a network drive.

Network Automating the deployment of a network printer on Windows or SBS servers (24-Mar-08)
Want to automate the installation and setting up of network printers onto users' workstations without buying expensive 3rd party add-ons ?  You would love to be able to use Microsoft's Print Management Console but you do not have Windows 2003 Server R2 ?  Look no more this document has the solution you have been searching for.

PC Care Speed Up Your PC The Ultimate PC Performance Guide   (2-September-2008)
This guide to PC Performance is the Ultimate reference tool for speeding up a PC and then maintaining it in tip top shape throughout it's life.  A Must Read !

PC Care Take care of your PC by protecting it from Heat   (6-Apr-2007)
If you did not know it, Heat is in most cases what eventually brings a PC to a terminal halt sometimes it will be slowly over many years, sometimes it will be fast.  Keeping your computer's temperature down, eliminating any chance of high computer heat and computer heat problems, will in most cases go a long way towards ensuring that your PC runs for years without experiencing hardware failures.  Read this.

Problem - Outlook Express Spell Check does not work after installing MSOffice 2007   (2-Jan-2009)
You have just installed Microsoft Office 2007 (or Word 2007, or Outlook 2007) and you find that the Spell Checker in Outlook Express 6 no longer works.  More particularly, you either have no spell check, or the Spell Checker is the French Spell Checker and there is no way to change it back to what it used to be as your normal Spell Check Language is no longer listed in the Outlook Express Language drop-down menu on the SPELLING tab.  If this is you, this document will help you solve the problem.

Problem PC/Server reboots spontaneously, what could it be ?   (23-Dec-2005)
There are five main reasons why a PC or Server might reboot spontaneously.  If you are experiencing computer restarting problems, read this document for help on sorting the problem out.

Problem You have been logged on with a temporary profile   (12-Sep-2010)
This document details the solution for the extremely frustrating Windows 7 error :  "You have been logged on with a temporary profile.  You cannot access your files and files created in this profile will be deleted when you log off.  To fix this, log off and try logging on later.  Please see the event log for details or contact your administrator.".

Problem Your laptop keeps shutting itself down or restarting   (4-Jan-2006)
Many laptop users eventually experience the problem of their laptop shutting itself down or rebooting spontaneously.  Save yourself time investigating this problem and use this document which details all the steps which your laptop manufacturer helpline will usually take you through anyway.

Problem Your newly built, upgraded, or repaired PC will not start   (2-May-2006)
You have just built a brand new PC, or you have upgraded or repaired your PC.  You turn it on and ........ nothing happens the PC does not boot.  No matter what you do you just cannot get a display.  If that is you, at the edge of despair, pick up this document for an absolute foolproof strategy for homing in on the exact problem.

Setup How to SYSPREP a Windows 7 Pro PC setup   (8-Aug-2010)
Tired of setting up your company's new Win 7 PCs from scratch every time ?  Or you know about Microsoft's SYSPREP but have been told you can only use it if the target PC has exactly the same hardware ?  Or you've been told that SYSPREP no longer exists for Windows 7.  If this is you then you should read this document : it walks you through streamlining how to set up new PCs in your company, by first creating an image that has everything your users might possibly need, and then creating a Sysprep / Image of that setup onto DVD or USB Hard Disk for redeployment on all future new PCs in your organization.

Tip Common TCP/IP port numbers list   (27-Sep-2008)
For those of you who configure firewalls (firewall ports), routers, port forwarding, and applications connectivity, this regularly updated TCP/IP Port List document details all standard, well known, as well as application specific TCP/IP port numbers used around the world (includes information on how to change the Remote Desktop Port or how to change the Terminal Services Port).

Tip List of Default Router Admin Passwords and IP Addresses   (2-May-2013)
Lost your router password ?  Would like to know the default password for your router (sometimes called the router admin password), or the default IP address for your router ?  Forgot the router password and router login and need to reset your router to defaults ?  Look no further this document lists the default router passwords, default router logins, and default router IP address for all the routers we have come across, whether LAN & WAN routers, wireless routers, DSL/ADSL modem routers, or Cable Modem routers.  The default settings listed below are those which these routers have by default out of the box, or which they revert to when you manually reset a router (usually with a paperclip through a pinhole on the router).

Tip Disabling the "Insert Key" in Word 2000/2003 (Turn off Overtype Mode)   (11-Aug-2007)
Irritated by the way Word switches from Insert Mode to Overtype Mode (also called Overwrite Mode) when you accidentally hit the "Insert Key" ?  And by the time you've realised, you've already overwritten vital text.  Worry no more :  this document shows you how to turn off the Word 2000/2003 Overtype mode permanently.

Tip How to disable the Windows 7 Welcome Screen   (19-Jun-2010)
If you want to remove the Windows 7 Welcome Screen in order to have the traditional Username + Password logon screen available in Windows XP, and don't know how to, this document will show you.

Tip How to Disable Windows Vista Double Confirmations   (2-Apr-2008)
Fed up with Windows Vista's Double Confirmations ?  Annoyed at all those multiple confirmations whenever you want to delete, move, or rename a file or a folder ?  Suffer no more.  The solution is in disabling UAC and is detailed in this document.

Tip How to do a ScanDisk in Windows XP   (27-Sep-2008)
Document which shows the reader how to run ScanDisk in Windows XP (where it is called CheckDisk) and how to view the CheckDisk log.

Tip Keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word   (19-Dec-2005)
Hand to keyboard, hand to mouse.  Hand to keyboard, hand to mouse.  Hand to keyboard, hand to mouse.  Phew!!  And you call that efficient ?!#!  Learn the shortcuts of your favourite word processor and immediately increase your efficiency by 100%.

Tip Naming Guidelines for 'Long Filenames' environments   (29-Apr-2004)
This document provides general guidelines for designing a filing system on your PC, or on your company network, that will enable you to find documents easily, now and in the future.

Tip - Outlook 2000/2/3 mailbox password cannot be saved in Win2000/XP   (17-Sep-2004)
Use this document if you find yourself in a situation where you are on  Windows 2000/XP  and  Microsoft Outlook 2000/20002/2003  refuses to save the mailbox password even when you check the  Save Password  box, with the result that you have to re-enter the password every time that you pick up your emails.







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