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FoxMail 2.1 Setup Guidelines
Screen shots of the standard setup we recommend for FoxMail 2.1.  (This document is also useful for new users of FoxMail 5.0.8).

General Tips on moving a PC for inexperienced users  (22-Dec-2005)
You need to move your PC from one location to another, you have never done it on your own before, you don't know what plugs into what, you are worried that you might damage your PC, plug cables into the wrong places, and create havoc.  Have no fear this document shows you how simple it really is.

Goldmine 5.x Printing labels
If you are new to Goldmine 5.x and would like to know how to print labels from Goldmine, this is the document for you.

PC Care Take care of your PC by protecting it from Heat   (6-Apr-2007)
If you did not know it, Heat is in most cases what eventually brings a PC to a terminal halt sometimes it will be slowly over many years, sometimes it will be fast.  Keeping your computer's temperature down, eliminating any chance of high computer heat and computer heat problems, will in most cases go a long way towards ensuring that your PC runs for years without experiencing hardware failures.  Read this.

pdfFactory Pro 2.xx AnswersThatWork's recommended configuration  (13-Aug-2005)
FinePrint's  pdfFactory Pro  is one of the best PDF generation programs on the market, if not the best in our opinion.  However, the default configuration of  pdfFactory Pro  leaves a lot to be desired, to the point where, in some cases, the quality of the generated PDFs can put off the end-user with the end-user turning to other products.  This document shows you our recommended configuration settings for  pdfFactory Pro  to help you create first class secure PDFs.

Sage Accounts Sage freezes on the login window  (6-Apr-2007)
You open Sage Accounting on an otherwise healthy PC and it freezes on its login screen and no amount of PC reboots solves the problem.  Try this solution.

SuperPay File is locked by another user
Users of the SuperPay UK payroll software sometimes experience a "File is locked by another user" error when there is in fact no-one else using the package at the time.  This document details how to get rid of the error when it occurs.







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