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Install Installing a PC onto a Windows 95/98 network
The definitive "memory jogger" for anyone needing to install a PC onto a Windows 95/98 network.  For advanced and experienced users only.

Install Installing a printer on a Windows 95/98 network
For advanced users.  If you have never done it before, this guide will take you through the steps involved in installing a printer on a Windows 95/98 network and making it available to more than one user.

Problem Troubleshooting networking problems in Win95/98  (24-Dec-2000 edition)
Troubleshooting tips to help the advanced user figure out why PCs are not connecting, or are not being "seen" on a Windows 95/98 peer to peer network.

Tip Automating the deployment of a network printer on Windows or SBS servers (24-Mar-2008)
Want to automate the installation and setting up of network printers onto users' workstations without buying expensive 3rd party add-ons ?  You would love to be able to use Microsoft's Print Management Console but you do not have Windows 2003 Server R2 ?  Look no more this document has the solution you have been searching for.

Tip Common SMTP server status codes reference   (28-Sep-2012)
There comes a time in the life of a Computer Consultant when, one day, he/she will have to deal with email server problems.  It is inevitable.  Sometimes these problems will be with the interfacing of the mail server with the ISP, in particular an inability to send mail.  If this is you and you have checked out all the usual suspects, then you may have to check your mail server's status codes and error codes in the logs in order to work out what exactly is going wrong.  This document lists all the SMTP status codes and SMTP error codes in use, and how to decipher what they mean (some users will know these codes as SMTP Reply Codes).

Tip Common TCP/IP port numbers list   (27-Sep-2008)
For those of you who configure firewalls (firewall ports), routers, port forwarding, and applications connectivity, this regularly updated TCP/IP Port List document details all standard, well known, as well as application specific TCP/IP port numbers used around the world (includes information on how to change the Remote Desktop Port or how to change the Terminal Services Port).

Tip How to remove the Remote Desktop extra logon prompt   (22-Feb-2008)
One of the features of version 6 of the Terminal Services Client / Remote Desktop Client introduced in mid-2007 is an annoying and useless 'Credentials' dialog box which pops up before the actual connection to the remote computer which itself presents the user with a username and password prompt anyway.  This document shows you how to remove the unnecessary extra login dialog.

Tip List of Default Router Admin Passwords and IP Addresses   (27-Jan-2014)
Lost your router password ?  Would like to know the default password for your router (sometimes called the router admin password), or the default IP address for your router ?  Forgot the router password and router login and need to reset your router to defaults ?  Look no further this document lists the default router passwords, default router logins, and default router IP address for all the routers we have come across, whether LAN & WAN routers, wireless routers, DSL/ADSL modem routers, or Cable Modem routers.  The default settings listed below are those which these routers have by default out of the box, or which they revert to when you manually reset a router (usually with a paperclip through a pinhole on the router).






















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