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Client32 v3.2x Automatically saving the username of the last login
Unlike all its predecessors, the latest generation of Novell Clients, version 3.2x, does not by default save the login name of the last successful login, and that can be really confusing, if not annoying.  This document shows you how to make the Client32 v3.2x behave like its predecessors.

ClientNT v4.83 PC boots straight into Windows
You have just installed or upgraded your Novell NT Client to version 4.83, and you find that your PC now boots straight into Windows without presenting you with the Novell Login screen.  This document has the answer.

ClientNT v4.91 Tweak to improve the network performance   (23-Dec-2005)
In its default installation settings the Novell Client opts for conservative settings as regards network traffic, and the packet burst settings in particular.  Use this tweak to improve the network performance of your Win2000/XP PCs on your Novell network.

Tip How to enable "Workstation-Only" and "Advanced" in Safe Mode   (28-Dec-2008)
Are you currently logged out of a PC because it has  "Workstation-Only"  and  "Advanced"  disabled and you are not currently connected to the Domain Controller that this PC is normally attached to ?  If so then this document is for you.






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