Windows 2000

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Network Networking a printer without Win2000 drivers
You have a Windows 2000 server.  You want to attach a printer to that server to make it available to all workstations.  Problem, you do not have the right Windows 2000 drivers for that printer and cannot find them anywhere on the Internet.  What do you do ?

Network PC boots straight into Windows after Novell NT Client v4.83
You have just installed or upgraded your Novell NT Client to version 4.83, and you find that your PC now boots straight into Windows without presenting you with the Novell Login screen.  This document has the answer.

Tip Configuring Explorer to open onto your C: drive as in Windows 95/98
Unlike all previous versions of Windows, Explorer in Windows 2000 opens by default onto the Desktop's "My Documents" folder. Use this document if you prefer to have it open onto your C: drive as per Windows 95/98.

Tip Configuring Logon Passwords options
Everything you need to know about how to configure how your Windows 2000 PC handles logon passwords :  whether you never want to be reminded to change your password, whether you want to be able to have blank passwords, whether you want all passwords to have a minimum number of characters, etc...

Tip Future proofed configuration of a CD-ROM drive in Windows 2000
If you have just bought a brand new PC, it would pay to make sure your CD-ROM drive is configured in a future proofed manner.  Follow the simple guidelines in this document to make sure you do not get caught out when you upgrade your PC at some stage down the line.





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