Windows 95 and 98

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Install Guidelines for Installing Software on a Windows 95/98 PC
The AnswersThatWork guidelines for installing software on your Windows 95/98 PC.  We follow them ourselves, all the time, and we rarely experience installation problems.  If you plan on installing software on your PC, we recommend you read these guidelines.

Install Installing a fresh copy of Windows 95 on a PC
This document is also relevant to Windows 98 users.  The definitive guide to installing Windows 95 onto a blank, new, or reformatted hard disk.  Learn the professional and AnswersThatWork way of doing it.  For Regular to Advanced Users only.

Network Installing a PC onto a Windows 95/98 network
The definitive "memory jogger" for anyone needing to install a PC onto a Windows 95/98 network.  For advanced and experienced users only.

Network Installing a printer on a Windows 95/98 network
For advanced users.  If you have never done it before, this guide will take you through the steps involved in installing a printer on a Windows 95/98 network and making it available to more than one user.

Network Troubleshooting networking problems in Win95/98  (24-Dec-2000 edition)
Troubleshooting tips to help the advanced user figure out why PCs are not connecting, or are not being "seen" on a Windows 95/98 peer to peer network.

Problem Sound card has become de-installed
You turn your PC on and, without warning, your sound no longer works.  The normal welcoming Windows tune does not play, your CDs do not play, nothing does.  The likelihood is that your sound card has become de-installed this document shows you what to do to solve the problem.

Problem - The MSVCIRT.DLL file is linked to missing export MSVCRT.DLL
Suffering from this problem ?  Have tried everything you could and you still cannot get rid of this message which keeps popping up every few seconds ?  Thinking of backing up, reformatting your hard disk, and re-installing Windows ?  Don't this document will probably solve your problem.

Problem - The MSVCIRT.DLL file is linked to missing export MSVCRT.DLL (Replacement File)
Right-click on this link, choose  "Open"  and  "Open"  again to run this file which will install a replacement  MSVCIRT.DLL  file, as described in the above document (which you should read first).

Problem VGA card has become de-installed
You turn your PC on and, out of the blue, your display is no longer sharp and crisp, the colours are washed out and approximate, and all the icons and menus are larger than they used to be.  The likelihood is that your VGA card has become de-installed    this document shows you what to do to solve the problem.

Tip Changing your Internet Dialling Number
Beginner's instructions on how to change the Internet Access number on your PC.  Useful for users on the move with a laptop and who have never changed their Internet Access number before.

Tip Creating a Send-To shortcut for a Zip Drive
The 'Send To' option is the fastest and most user friendly way of copying files and folders to a floppy disk.  This document guides you through creating a similar Send-To option for your internal Zip drive if you have one.

Tip Future proofed configuration of a CD-ROM drive in Windows 95/98
If you have just bought a brand new PC, it would pay to make sure your CD-ROM drive is configured in a future proofed manner.  Follow the simple guidelines in this document to make sure you do not get caught out when you upgrade your PC at some stage down the line.

Tip How programs get automatically started in Windows 95/08
For advanced users only.  This troubleshooting document details the various ways in which a program can be started automatically on Windows 95/98 boot-up.  Useful for when you are troubleshooting a problem that seems to occur specifically at boot-up, or specifically when a particular background program is running (and was started automatically on Windows 95/98 boot-up).

Tip Installing programs onto your Start Menu
Improve your efficiency by learning how to configure your Start Menu for fast and efficient access to your most used programs.

Tip Mapping a local folder or drive as a network drive
You have a networked piece of software which only works through drive letters, not UNC paths, and wherever it is on your network, whether on the central PC or on the satellite PCs, that software needs to always access the data through exactly the same path always e.g. always through  H:\Accounts.  The problem is that Windows will not allow you to map letters to a local drives and can therefore make it impossible to properly network such software packages.  Till now !  If this is the problem you are facing, download this document straightaway for a luminously simple and straightforward solution.

Tip Returning back to DOS on Windows 95 shutdown
For the techies only!  A tip on how to return back to DOS, rather than to the  'It is now safe to turn off your computer'  screen, on Windows 95 shutdown.








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