Windows ME 
(Millennium Edition)

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Install Installing a new C: drive (primary hard drive) under Windows ME
For Regular to Advanced Users only.  This document takes you through the steps you need to take to upgrade your current C: drive (your primary hard drive) to a larger hard disk and yet not have to re-install Windows ME, nor buy hard disk duplication software.

Problem Sound drivers install properly but sound does not work
You have just upgraded to Windows ME, or you have re-installed Windows ME over the top of your existing setup, you have changed your sound card, or you have upgraded your motherboard :  the sound drivers install fine, no problems in Device Manager, but you just cannot get the sound to work.  If this is you, this document will probably help you.

Tip Configuring Explorer to open onto your C: drive as in Windows 95/98
Unlike all previous versions of Windows, Explorer in Windows Millennium Edition opens by default onto the Desktop's  "My Documents"  folder.  Use this document if you prefer to have it open onto your C: drive as in Windows 95/98.





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