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Setup Creating a dial-up modem connection to access the Internet
This document details how to create a dial-up modem connection in Windows XP Home or Windows XP Professional.

Tip Configuring Windows XP Home with the Classical Look
Many seasoned Windows 95/98/ME users who upgrade to Windows XP Home will initially be confused, and even frustrated by the Windows XP Home interface which is clearly aimed at  "beginners"  rather than regular computer users.  Some will decide to stay with it, others will want the simpler and  "faster-to-operate"  interface of Windows 95/98/ME.  If you are such a person, then this document is for you.

Tip How to do a ScanDisk in Windows XP   (27-Sep-2008)
Document which shows the reader how to run ScanDisk in Windows XP (where it is called CheckDisk) and how to view the CheckDisk log.

Tip How to hide a user from the Windows XP Welcome Screen   (19-Apr-2008)
Ever wanted to hide a rarely used user account, or an Administrator account, from the XP Logon screen, either to reduce clutter or to simply hide an account with Administrator privileges ?  Look no further this document shows you how.






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