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Thank you for your interest in downloading a demo of The Ultimate Troubleshooter (TUT).

If you have any questions on running TUT after downloading and installing it, do contact us on our support email address.  Remember also that we have an easy to follow Help Page at

Download v4.96 from


Download v4.96 from
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The Ultimate Troubleshooter 4.96 was released on 19-Sep-2015.

The most recent 4.96 database update was posted on 6-Aug-2016.

Note :  CNET packages all downloads with their own installer.  That installer prompts you to install other programs in addition to TUT.  Those other programs are not part of TUT and, above all, you do not have to install them just read each install screen carefully.  If in doubt, then download from our own website it is just a little slower than the CNET servers.












































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