For confidentiality and security reasons we have withheld
our users' names in the feedback messages below.

Thanks very much indeed.  From my point of view, you have solved the mystery in quick time.  Thanks again, I miss my TUT when its arguing with me !

—— A.G.  Port Hope, Ontario – Canada  (20-Dec-2015)
I really like the no bias / no fuss clear descriptions in TUT.
—— A.M.  Frankston South, Victoria – Australia  (16-Oct-2015)
I purchased the TUT program last January but got a new computer yesterday.   How do I go about putting TUT on my new computer?  I am no longer using the old computer.  The old hard drive was put into the new computer cabinet but I can't run the program....obviously.  What do I have to do to run TUT ?  Thanks for your help.  I LOVE TUT!!
—— T.H.  Nutley, New Jersey – USA   (8-Jun-2015)
Thank you for your prompt and attentive service. Excellent program as well btw it always helps me speed up my computer and is very easy to use.
—— S.L.  Worthing, Surrey – UK   (4-Jun-2015)
I like your product and have recommended it to others over the years.
—— D.F.  San Jose, California – USA   (19-May-2015)

You have an outstanding program.
—— J.G.  Buffalo, New York – USA   (15-May-2015)
Thanks for the quick reply.  It is always nice to find that my questions and requests are not going into some “black hole” or getting a “canned” response.  I am very satisfied with this software.
—— K.A.  Sumner, Texas – USA   (24-Apr-2015)
Thanks for that — I now have TUT back on my new PC, and already it's showing me what I can usefully disable (I'm running Windows 8.1 64-BIT).
—— D.P.  Heidelberg Heights, Victoria – Australia   (23-Apr-2015)
Thank you.  I appreciate the quick response and the complimentary 2nd license for the remainder of the term of my original license.
—— M.C.  Romeoville, Illinois – USA   (20-Apr-2015)
Thank You. I have used your program for many years.
—— D.G.  Birmingham, Alabama – USA   (17-Apr-2015)
Great product. Great blog article. Really thank you! Want more.
—— D.P.  Odessa – Ukraine   (12-May-2012)
I buy your utility for all my clients and it is still as effective today as when I fist bought it for Windows 98. Thanks. Most of my clients are Windows 7 nowadays.
—— H.P.  Charlotte, North Carolina – USA   (11-May-2012)
This is an excellent tool. Bought it over a week ago and I open it every day just to learn something new or explore a new feature.
—— J.C.  Perth – UK   (24-April-2012)
Keep up the good work.
—— M.L.  Fort Pierce, Florida – USA   (12-April-2012)
Awsome. Everything in one place.
—— I.A.  Paris – France   (23-March-2012)
Thank you for this very valuable tool.
—— K.D.  Atlanta, Georgia – USA   (30-October-2011)
My comment is this:  THANK YOU!!!  I've been having problems for approx. 2-3 months with my laptop randomly rebooting and it was driving me crazy.  I googled 'problems with laptop rebooting' and had several choices to choose from but finally clicked on your website and my laptop has not rebooted once since I implemented your suggestions !  Thank you.
—— A.L.  Miami, Florida – USA   (11-August-2011)
Keep up the hard work !
—— N.J.  Pittsburg, Pennsylvania – USA   (10-June-2011)
The best honest information I have found.  Thanks guys and gals.
—— A.J.  New York, New York – USA   (8-June-2011)
Your program is SUPER and has helped me fix a lot of problems I had.  Some program named (BING) GOT DOWN LOADED AND WAS ONE OF MY MAIN PROBLEM as well as software that must have been there since I bought the computer.  Thank you.
—— J.W.  Athens, Georgia – USA   (15-May-2011)
I have used Ultimate Troubleshooter for years and love it.  I recently purchased the newest version and installed it on Windows 7.  It worked.  Thank You.
—— B.D.  Azalea, Oregon – USA   (21-March-2011)
I purchased TUT and LOVE it!  One of the most useful tools (and sites) I have ever seen.  Thanks.
       Now a question, a friend got the blue screen of death — I have downloaded Windows_XP_SP2_Boot_Disk thinking I could make him a disk so he can boot up.  Can I just copy the file to a cd and give it to him or is there something else I should do?
       Thanks again, and please keep up the good work.

—— T.J.  Lessburg, Virgina – USA   (23-February-2010)
I am using TUT on my computer and laptop.  I now want to install it on a second computer.  How do I update my license to cover all 3 computers?  I have been using your program since 2004 and it has been great program every time I have used it.  Thanks for an outstanding program.  Thank you.
—— N.D.  Keizer, Oregon – USA   (4-February-2010)
1.  TUT has been EXTREMELY helpful.  Good job!
2.  The "Fun Page" is even better!
3.  Recommend you evaluate "SafeEyes" internet content filter.  We use this on our computer to prevent our children from viewing objectionable content.  I know there are several programs on the market, but this one seems to work well for us.

—— N.Z.  US Army – USA   (25-January-2010)
What a great product you guys have developed. My appreciation!
—— M.L.  Kensington, California – USA   (1-January-2010)
Thank you so much!  I was really surprised to find that you answered so quickly.  I did as you suggested and simply turned off Microsoft Parental Controls and that seems to have solved my problem altogether.  Since this just started in the last two weeks, perhaps it was a Microsoft update that caused the change.
—— L.H.  Conroe, Texas – USA   (7-September-2009)
I sent you an email a short time ago (within the hour) RE: TUT would not load & asking for help.  After searching your site I solved the... well you did... problem.  It was in the DEP settings. 
       Thanks for a great program and site.  I have used TUT versions for years.  It sure beats taking asprin !  Again thanks.

—— J.N.  Somers, New York – USA   (6-September-2009)
TUT you are truly the best software I've had the pleasure to put on my p.c.  Talk about software that does it all for you, you're not kidding.  Also the education gained is impressive.
       Thanks Guys, you're life savers.

—— S.O.  Cambridge – UK   (15-October-2008)
I just wanted to say how much I love and enjoy your ATW TUT program.
       I have learned so much from you guys just by looking at each entry I have in all the tabs and reading what you have at the bottom.
       I follow your suggestions religiously.  Between "ATW" and "The WinHelpOnline Blog" I have the best running computer around.
       When I received your notice to renew my license to "TUT" I couldn't get there fast enough, I didn't want to delay it.
       You guys do great work.
       I just wanted to say Thank You.

—— R.R.  Roselle, New Jersey – USA   (14-October-2008)
       I thought I had the cleanest three programs in history, then you come along with your "TUT" and burst my balloon.  I am still enjoying the efforts of your people and expounding on this gem in my columns.  I have been involved with this "stuff" for over 47 years.  My first machine was a Honeywell 2000 in it's own room with a raised floor for the cables, 4 tape drives the size of refrigerators and programmed in "Easy Coder" on an IBM 80 column card key punch machine.  In all that time I have never come across another program to equal "TUT."
       This is not a lot of rhetorical 'hoop-la!"  I am not a politician.
           Warm regards,  Ray Wilson, The Philadelphia Bulletin
Journalist's name included with his permission)
Thanks for the note.  I must say I am quite pleased with TUT.  I knew I had many useless things starting up and running.  I periodically check MSCONFIG to weed some out, but some have cryptic names so I was afraid to disable something that really needed to start.  I have done that before and wound up having to restore from a backup to get my PC working again.  TUT's plain English explanations make it easy to figure out what you can do without.  A couple of things I had to do a little more research on to make the decision, but at least I knew what the considerations were.  I did not do a "before" timing of my startup, but startup is definitely noticeably faster than before.
       Great product!  I will probably run it once a month or so to make sure things stay streamlined.

—— R.P.  New Orleans, Louisiana – USA   (21-September-2008)
This is the absolute best utility I have ever used!  I have previously purchased utilities that purported to clean up the registry and speed up the system but were just money down the drain.  With TUT I really did speed up my computer and actually managed to get CPU usage down from 100% to 17%.  I really like the way it gives me the information to chose for myself what I want and don't want on the computer.
       BTW as a sign of how well I like the program this is the first program that I have ever purchased (and I have been computing since 1981) that I have written extolling its praises.

—— R.P.  Portland, Oregon – USA   (8-September-2008)
BTW, I just wanted to say that this is one of my favorite maintenance programs.  One of the most annoying things about keeping XP working correctly is knowing what the heck those files are that are running and whether they need to be running.  TUT really helps in this regard.
       Keeping the database updated is so important for TUT to be really useful.  Clearly there are new programs being loaded onto machines all the time.  I appreciate that you guys are trying to keep up with it all.  Please keep up the great job you're doing.

—— R.R.  Rogers, New Arkansas – USA   (4-September-2008)
1st off nice program, GREAT interface — clear, intuitive, messages that make sense and are in coherent English.  Textbook example of what a UI should be.
       Feature request — and not sure if this is even possible.  My windows XP....

—— R.S.  Prompton Lakes, New Jersey – USA   (15-August-2008)
Thank you for this service.  It is wonderful, and so, so worth what I paid for it!
—— T.H.  Queensbury, New York – USA   (24-July-2008)
No problems since the program is pretty intuitive.
       I was having random crashes and could not track it down using msconfig and service.msc.  However, after installation of TUT I quickly located the rogue which was a web cam and another program interacting.
       I have a simple question.  What are the purple arrows in the memory column.  I notice they change.  Is this increasing and decreasing memory use ?
       Thanks again for a great program.

—— W.C.  Burbank, California – USA   (8-July-2008)
I love your sense of humor in your recommendations – like  "this is either stunning software or a stunning explanation".  You haven't steered me into any actions yet that have caused me problems, and you have definitely made it easy for me to end some startups that have been plaguing me.  Thank you!
—— T.S.  Golden, Colorado – USA   (4-July-2008)
I have downloaded the program and am very satisfied with the results.  It has helped me sort out all the problems I had with my laptop.
—— B.S.  Perth, Western Australia – Australia  (7-June-2008)
What a fantastic piece of software!  The commentary and explanations are perfect to decide what to turn off or leave on.  IMSI Designs Turbocad 14 now starts up within a human lifetime.  Well Done!
—— M.D.  Sandringham, Victoria – Australia   (4-June-2008)
I just had to write this after using this program for the best part of this year.  TuT is possibly the best and easiest to use program on the market.  Everything you need to fine tune your pc is there, in simple plain speaking terms, no technical jargon just the plain facts.
       Why download and install 10 different programs when this one does that and more.
       Other programs promise the answers but fail to deliver them, possibly the most useful software I have ever used, like having your own pc technician at hand 24/7!!!
       All the best for 2008, and keep up the great work!!
       Cheers, P...

—— P.R.  Newcastle upon Tyne – UK   (28-December-2007)
This is the greatest tool for the novice.  Keep up the good work!!!
—— H.B.  West Gardiner, Maine – USA   (22-September-2007)
This program is awesome.  I am reading and brain-sponging everything you write from go to whoa.  Thanks for the great README.  I am so glad I found it.  Thanks to the link referred from our June monthly CD — the Melbourne PC Users Group, the second largest not-for-profit members computer users group in the whole world.
—— P.W.  Rowville, Victoria – Australia   (22-June-2007)
I am impressed with this product.  I had purposely used WinTaskPro 5.04 to clean up a Vista machine which took around 35 minutes since I am experienced with that product.
       Then I ran the full version of TUT, got the latest update and got to work.  I was pleased and surprised that TUT cleaned up another batch of stuff again as much as WinTaskPro did.  Meaning after my gladness running WinTaskPro and the gains from that, TUT again, took cleaning and routing out almost 50% MORE items for a total of 98 items either disabled, removed or not needed.
        The text information that only is provided in the full version is very helpful to making decisions ...... for such a great program.

—— H.J.  Florida – USA   (8-June-2007)
I had to write to you to tell you that version 4 of TUT is the best utility software I have ever used.  It's amazing to see all of the start-up software that is included with commercial products.  So much of it is installed and runs without your knowledge.  Your software has allowed me to understand the cryptic names of services so that I can stop the ones I don't need.  Your recommendations have saved me from the frustration of a slow running computer.  When I started using your software 2 years ago I only had 40% of my memory available.  Now I have over 70%.  When I contacted you with a recommendation to include a total for memory used by tasks you quickly added the feature.  You listen to your customers and that is the sign of a great company.  In version 4, the increase of information and the manner in which it is displayed shows you have taken the time to design a software product that was not rushed to the market just to put out a new version.  The software is very user friendly.  Keep up the great work.  When renewal time comes,  I will be a returning customer!
—— M.E.  Mashpee, Massachusetts – USA   (15-May-2007)
First:  Thank You for an incredible product!  The Ultimate Troubleshooter indeed! 
       Before installing TUT, total boot time from cold power on to all drivers, services, etc. started, was 5 minutes 30 seconds, plus or minus about 10 seconds (average of 5 cold starts).
       After installing TUT, and yes — following the instructions, caveats, etc. very carefully — cold boot time is 3 minutes, plus or minus about 10 seconds.  Sweet!

—— T.D.  San Francisco, California – USA   (26-April-2007)
Congrat with this new version, excellent, BRAVO!!
—— R.V.  Calgary, Alberta – Canada   (21-April-2007)
Just upgraded to TUT 4.0 on my Vista.  OUTSTANDING!  You folks did a great job and it was worth the wait — P.
—— P.C.  Phoenix, Arizona – USA   (19-April-2007)
The Ultimate Troubleshooter is a great program and it has proved very useful in removing useless startups and services.  Recently I could not get it to work.  After much frustration I discovered on your web site that there were problems with System Mechanic 7.  I followed your advice and amazingly the problem was solved.  This is a relatively new upgrade for System Mechanic and it is obvious that you have identified this problem quite quickly.  If only other software vendors were as responsive to these sorts of issues.  Thanks very much.
—— G.H.  Canberra, Australian Capital Territory – Australia   (1-February-2007)
Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!
       Finally, software for the common man.  All too often I tried to clean my Start Menu only to be intimidated by anachronistic file names that made me shudder at the thought of deleting something that was required for my computer to function.  For those of us who don't have degrees in computer technology or the like, TUT is a godsend.  It should be standard on all computers 'out of the box'.  Keep up the excellent work!
       I honestly hope that all of your employees are being rewarded for their contributions to your product.  If I had a say, TUT would be named "Software of the Decade".

—— J.K.  Clinton Township, Michigan – USA   (13-January-2007)
This is probably the most satisfying software utility purchase I have made all year!  Just this morning I sat in front of my computer barely running XP, taking 10 minutes just to boot and frequently freezing up requiring another painful reboot.  Now I am pleased to tell you I am enjoying the speed and power I had when I bought my computer with little or nothing installed.
       Most of us have no idea of the junk that builds up in the background.  While I was pretty good at deleting adware and preventing viruses, I was unaware the companies I trust were loading up processes that were completely unneeded.
       Your software helped rid my system of unnecessary processes in an educated and straightforward manner.  I now understand how to keep the system working well.
       I will be passing the site along to my friends since I am sure they all have or will have the same experiences.
       Keep up the great work!

—— R.A.  Dallas, Texas – USA   (17-December-2006)
Good Day to You,
       Before I ask my question, I want to take a moment to tell you how impressed I am with The Ultimate Troubleshooter.   I have tried a number of optimization utilities.   I still use Norton, to a limited extent.  It has always been very frustrating, having to rely on a utility to configure my machine without being able to figure out all the technical jargon, or have real control over what my machine is doing.  Your product is not just a troubleshooter, but the Ultimate Education and Ultimate Empowerment.  At last I can make truly informed decisions about what my computer is doing in the back ground.  Before I started using The Ultimate Troubleshooter, my DSL connection had slowed down to the speed of dialup.  Now web pages open instantly again and streaming video works without a hitch.
—— A.S.  Augusta, Maine – USA   (17-November-2006)
While not one to write very often to companies like yours, I feel that in this case I must.
       Since purchasing TUT, and following your recommendations within, my computer is running better than it has since I installed Windows XP Professional.  It is now a pleasure to sit down and use it.  Boot time was reduced from about 4 minutes to a lightning fast 50 seconds.  WOW!  No more mysterious crashes, no more "Program not responding" messages, programs load faster, and it's like a new machine.  Thanks for this program.
       I never realized there was so much garbage running in the background, consuming memory and CPU time.
—— D.F.  Lilburn, Georgia – USA   (30-October-2006)
TUT Fan for 4+ years!!! — before you even created the software...
—— D.M.  Boston, Massachusetts – USA   (13-October-2006)
To whom;
I live in Kansas City and saw the article in the paper about your product.  I downloaded the trial version and decided it was worth a try for 30 bucks.  WOW — I have downloaded several programs that say they will do what yours does but have never found one, your program is great!!!!!    THANKS
—— J.C.  Kansas, Missouri – USA   (12-October-2006)
The Ultimate Troubleshooter will be the first program I will install in my new computer.  It's the finest program I have ever used on my computer and it spotted many problem areas I had.  I used the fix info and all my problems disappeared.  You can use this statement in your testimonials.  Many Thanks,  T.F.
—— T.F.  Canton, Michigan – USA   (30-September-2006)
I don't know where I found you guys but I'm sure glad I did.  Bought TUT and it takes the place of about 6 different apps.  P.C.
PS :  Your website also rocks.  I love your Webmaster.
—— P.C.  Jensen Beach, Florida – USA   (5-September-2006)
I'm falling in love with this program!!
Honeymoon is ongoing.....
—— D.P.  Lakefield, Ontario – Canada   (31-August-2006)
Greetings!  Downloaded TUT and it is terrific.  I found your site while I was searching for a way to stop dumprep.exe devouring my CPU and freezing everything.  The workaround at Microsoft doesn't give the correct registry pathway for this process and the web is full of questions about it.  You had the answer.  And it actually explained what the process did in English rather than a command line string and recommendations for addressing problems with it.  Your solution worked like a charm.  I was sold as soon as I found out the database was available to purchase.
—— C.H.  Knoxville, Tennessee – USA  (30-August-2006)
I meant to send this note when I sent the unidentified tasks a few minutes ago – I had a problem that started today – When my Windows XP SP2 would start up the System 32 folder would open on the desktop.  I did a Google search on repairs, read a few of them, and then I happened to remember my TUT program!  Since I've installed many new programs since my last TUT run (including IE 7 beta yesterday) I knew that I need to run TUT.  I made the suggested TUT corrections, rebooted and guess what?  NO SYSTEM 32 FOLDER OPENING AT STARTUP and no detailed, confusing technical work had to be done at all.  What a great program you all have created.  Thanks!!
—— E.R.  Glencoe, Alabama – USA  (30-July-2006)
Thank You Nancy...
    Your Product Rules....
        Super to the 3rd Power...
            Bloody Fantastic....
                No Probs @ all...I took Tutorial prior to Install...
                    System Boots in about 2 Minutes Flat...
                        TUT Rules here... W.K.S., MCSE, MCP+I, RPh, OMIgG
—— W.K.S.  Schenectady, New York – USA  (13-July-2006)
Although my story pales to most of the ones TUT users have posted here (it was "only" 7 hours out of my day), TUT was almost psychic in fixing my problem, or rather giving me the answer to my problem as soon as I opened the program.  With XP Pro SP2, one would expect that Microsucks would give their users more up to date information in getting out of Safe Mode and back to the normal desktop.  What they offered in their Help answers pertained only to WinME versions and lower.  The 'ol drop down box that happened while either shutting down or restarting!!  You guys are the best!  TUT will be by my side from now on!  A True "diamond in the rough"!!  Best regards, D.H.
—— D.H.  Carson City, Nevada – USA  (24-June-2006)
I'm really enjoying learning how to use my new "tool".  Thank you for making it available.  The information provided is a continuous "eye-opener" !
—— G.D.  Mississauga, Ontario – Canada  (21-June-2006)
Thanks, OK, after going to that link and watching your video, I finally broke down and bought TUT.  And I love it.  I should have purchased it long ago.  And apdproxy was a useless task... Thanks for the reply.
—— B.M.  Buckner, Missouri – USA  (17-June-2006)
I have just installed TUT on my old Dell Dimension 8100 (2000) running XP Pro.  This is the program I have been needing for ever.  I have understood that the prime reason for the computer slowing down has been start up programs and tasks working in the background, but have been reticent to disable all but the obvious.  TUT has proved invaluable in explaining what can and can't be done to rectify this issue.  Although I have only owned TUT for a few days, the first thing I'm going to do is purchase a licence to install it on my brand new machine which arrives tomorrow, plus you can be assured that I will be recommending it to my friends.  Thanks to you all.
—— D.H.  Windsor, Ontario – Canada  (31-May-2006)
I am pleased to be a customer of two years.  TUT helps me keep tabs on what is going on with my computer and often finds things my antivirus or other programs don't.  Your help is usually very good and I like your download section.
—— C.T.F.  Cotuit, Massachusetts – USA  (26-April-2006)
I just purchased The Ultimate Troubleshooter after reading an article over at The Adrenaline Vault recommending your product.  My problems on my PC began a month ago with BSOD and lockups along with serious error reports being sent to Microsoft.  The stop errors were random, occurring whether I played a game or just casual surfing on the internet. 
     I finally decided to go with your program and it has restored my PC and made it stable again, Thank You !!  I was seriously thinking about reformatting and starting all over, but your product saved my PC. 
     Your claim that 65 percent of all PC problems are not malware or viruses or hardware problems is truly correct.  From the problems that I was getting, I definitely thought I had a virus or malware, but it was background programs hogging my memory that caused all the BSOD errors.
     Once again Thanks for a terrific program !
—— D.P.  West Seneca, New York – USA  (24-April-2006)
I've used this tool for quite a while now and have been happy to have it.  As a matter of fact, I liked it so much it is the first application I bought for it via Internet download/purchase when I bought my new computer.
—— D.T.  Sierra Vista, Arizona – USA  (24-April-2006)
Cut my startup time from 3 minutes to less than 2 minutes and I haven't been through the whole list yet.  If you want to use this as a testimonial, go ahead.
—— W.M.  Metairie, Louisiana – USA  (22-April-2006)
I have been using TUT for over 10 months.  There is not and has not been other software that beats it.  It is continually updated and will keep your computer running effectively.  Everyone should own it.
—— A.C.  Gulfport, Mississippi – USA  (13-March-2006)
This is a very impressive product – someone (everyone) has put a lot of thought into the experience of the user and made things simple to follow.  Thanks very much.  J.
—— J.R.  Arlington, Texas – USA  (25-January-2006)
Greetings Greg,  Thanks for your patience and for answering my questions (dumb though they are sometimes!).  TUT is a wonderful product and I can't tell you how much easier it has made my life since I installed it.  It's worth every penny!  Thanks again for all your help and I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!  R.
—— R.B.  Dawsonville, Georgia – USA  (14-December-2005)
I really enjoy your program. It has helped me understand and control my computer.
—— C.T.F.  Cotuit, Massachusetts – USA  (26-November-2005)
I normally never write emails of praise about software, I guess that in itself is the sad state of affairs we live in, but this piece of software just blew me away.  I just had to drop this quick note to say how much I like this tool.  GREAT WORK GUYS.
—— M.A.  Bayonne, New Jersey – USA  (29-October-2005)
TUT is fabulous!  My computer starts much faster after disabling just a few items.  And it eliminates the mystery of those perplexing names...
—— D.P.  Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania – USA  (15-October-2005)
I really like The Ultimate Troubleshooter, though I think you might come up with a name that's a little more definite, something like  "The Ultimate, Canonical, Never To Be Topped Troubleshooter"  (just kidding).
—— W.M.C.  Riverside, California – USA  (16-July-2005)
Thank You for your product.  I am only a beginner with computers.  I am learning a lot from your software.
—— A.W.Y.  Oakdale, Minnesota – USA  (16-June-2005)
Thank you for making this product.  I use it all the time.  It is a wonderful product that more people should know about.  I have told everyone I know, especially people that work in fixing computers.  This has been a big help in diagnosing and configuring my system to use only what I want it to.  Thank you once again.
—— R.Y.  Greely, Ontario – Canada  (18-May-2005)
I just wanted to say that I used the Ultimate Troubleshooter yesterday (This is a very true story) on a Windows ME machine.  There was a file on there that was obviously a virus.  Through TUT's help, I was able to rid the computer of that file, delete it completely off the hard drive and remove the rest of the virus through a virus removal software.  I was tired, frustrated and it would have taken me forever to figure it out, but thanks to TUT, it pinpointed it right away for me so I was able to save the day.
     Just wanted to say thanks to TUT, you are an IT Girl's best friend.
—— R.K.  Vero Beach, Florida – USA  (25-March-2005)
Thanks for a brilliant program.  Wish I'd found you years ago !  My PC was starting very slowly and it was a complete mystery to me what it was actually loading and running.  I got your evaluation program, upgraded to the full version, and fixed it all within 2 hours !  I then went on to check everything else and your notes on each application made it safe to disable (without deleting) the ones I was always unsure about.
—— C.S.  Holsworthy, Devon – United Kingdom  (7-March-2005)
Normally one sends letters of complaint to software manufacturers but this one is a joy to write.  Your product is hands down, the best that I've had the privilege to install on my computer since the day I bought it!  I'm telling everyone I know about the great service you provide.  For what The Ultimate Troubleshooter does I'd gladly have paid twice the amount you charge.  Many thanks.
—— S.T.  Big Sur, California – USA  (28-February-2005)
WOW, WOW, WOW.  This software FINALLY helped me to delete a task that I had tried to get rid of before.  My computer now resembles the computer I originally purchased.  Not to mention, I ordered one for my Mother so she will stop asking me why her computer runs slow.  Thank You.  Thank You.
—— J.B.  Waterford, Michigan – USA  (12-February-2005)
Thanks for the help.  I finally was able to download the complete program, then purchased it and was able to activate the "real" program.  I have been very impressed with its capabilities and have recommended it to several of my friends.  I do have one question :  can I backup the program on a CD in case I have a computer failure and have to reload the program ?
—— H.C.  Bedford, Virginia – USA  (28-January-2005)
My sister had been having some problems with her Dell and I convinced her to download TUT to solve the problems.  She had 50 programs running in the Background and only 386Mb of memory.  After applying TUT she has her computer back and is she ecstatic.  Thanks again and keep up the good work.
—— D.E.  Stockton, California – USA  (4-January-2005)
A new customer sends his THANKS!
     TUT is simply the best value for the software dollar I have seen ever.  I'm a software developer, .Net and VFP, and will be recommending TUT to all of my customers.
—— R.S.  San Dimas, California – USA  (28-December-2004)
Hi, Answers That Work,
I just want to add to the list of user comments my thanks and brief story about how terrific your Ultimate Troubleshooter software is.  For the past few months, my wireless Logitech mouse has been giving me grief.  In the last few days, it became unbearable.  I read your Web page, thanks to a tip from via Kim Kommando's 13 Dec 2004 column on's CNN MONEY.
     The problem was --- it's gone now that I've installed TUT and followed the advice it gave me --- that every time I clicked the mouse once, it would actually click twice.  That led to all kinds of problems with my browser's tabs (I was closing two instead of one), made it very difficult to play WinXP Pro's FreeCell and Solitaire games, and, most important, made it difficult to properly highlight text in MS Word so that I could copy, delete, or drag-and-drop it.
     You were right about something running in the background causing most problems, because after turning off the few background programs that TUT said were unnecessary and no good, my mouse problems have disappeared.
     Thank you, thank you, thank you!  The money I spent for this program was incredibly well spent.  The program paid for itself within 30 minutes.  Now I can begin to enjoy my computer again.
—— B.F.  Tainan – Taiwan  (14-December-2004)
I just purchased your program and am VERY impressed.  I've run noadware antivirus, stinger, spysweeper, etc, and all show clean.  Two minutes with your product and my computer is clean and fast.  Next I'm going to post my hearty recommendation of your product on a private message forum that has 175 members.  Thank You
—— P.P.  Matthews, North Carolina – USA  (14-December-2004)
Although this is probably the wrong e-mail address to send this note to, I wanted to thank you for your wonderful product.  My CPU was at 100% usage, and it was brand new!  It turned out to be cthelper.exe!  I purchased your software and cleaned up my processes.  Now my CPU is running at 2–12%.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
—— E.A.  Woodridge, Illinois – USA  (25-November-2004)
Earlier today I installed TUT, registered and proceeded to launch the program.  What a delight!  For donkeys' ages I've been tortured by the sight of a sea of startup programs, some of which I understood, but most of which were gobbledegook.  Common sense suggested that I didn't need them all by a long shot, but I had no way of discerning which ones had to be there and which ones could be consigned to the scrap heap.  Suddenly they were listed right in front of me together with clear (for the most part) explanations of what each one was about and an assessment of whether or not it was doing anything useful on my computer.  Over the next few days I'll be thinning the trees and hopefully improving the performance of the computer. 
A really worthwhile – and moderate – investment.  Regards,
—— T.K.  Bendigo, Victoria – Australia  (25-November-2004)
A Life Saved !  I just wanted you to know that you saved my life!  Your product, The Ultimate Troubleshooter, performed as advertised!  I was able to dump about a dozen items off my start menu, free up some conflicts that had my hard drive running practically all the time and cut my boot time about in half!  All this allowed me to avoid reformatting my hard drive!
     Your product is what just about every computer owner needs but doesn't realize.  Thank you, again, for a product that does as it is advertised!
—— L.N.  Queen Creek, Arizona – USA  (19-November-2004)
Let me provide a rave review of your product. It has solved for me two annoying problems that have persisted ever since I installed my HP 3650 printer, which I received as a service award from HP.  (1) An unwanted directory list of the \Windows\System32 folder was displaying at every bootup.  (2) The machine would not lock up by itself.  With the help of your wonderful product, I identified the junk software that HP had installed and disabled it.  Now I don't see the useless folder list, and the machine locks up after the specified interval of inactivity.
—— B.D.  Toronto, Ontario – Canada  (13-November-2004)
I want to thank you for having The Ultimate Troubleshooter available to the Computer World.  I find this program to be the best in my arsenal.  You guys are the greatest. I am not kidding.  Again, thank you!!!!
—— D.D.  DeLand, Florida – USA  (19-October-2004)
Incidentally, that is one of the slickest programs I have seen since I started programming computers... 1958.
—— W.E.  Jackson, Michigan – USA  (14-October-2004)
Thank you for a wonderful product.  It's proving to be very helpful in troubleshooting.  Money very well spent.
—— N.F.  Victoria, British Columbia – Canada  (14-September-2004)
You need to add a warning to programs that people who use your services may experience machine speeds far faster than they have experienced before, but to not worry that their machines will not be damaged by the higher speeds !  I ran McAfee in the past and they have done some good, but at the end of today with only 24 hours of service, you guys have beat them out hands down.  You can't imagine how I have suffered.  You might think of yourself as the Viagra for computers.  I bought the Ultimate Trouble Shooter and downloaded Spybot.  I looked over the rest of the programs listed on your site and will probably be back.  Thank you.
—— S.N.  Morrilton, Arkansas – USA  (21-August-2004)
Just to let you know that I love TUT and have recommended it to many friends.  I follow all suggestions and experience almost no freezes, hang-ups, or shut downs since following the suggestions of TUT.  Thanks again for a great, reasonably priced product.  It's nice to feel more in control of my machine.
—— P.L.  Gresham, Oregon – USA  (5-August-2004)
I purchased The Ultimate Troubleshooter on 7/25/04 and it instantly put an end to problems (big time) I have had for eight months.  I've probably read 200 articles about what may or may not be wrong with my computer and TUT showed me to shut down two items in my START tray that were causing conflicts with other programs I was running (programs which were essential to my job, no games). 
     I think people would be shocked to learn what big time software company was causing these problems.  Now my computer runs like it did when it was new.... no more crashes or lock-ups.... and no more "blue death screens". 
     I just don't know how I overlooked your product before now but if you divide 200 articles by the price I paid, I could have saved many hours of reading let alone the time I consumed trying different fixes.  This is one awesome product.
     You should be proud to have developed this type of software. Thanks,
—— J.A.  Bethesda, Maryland – USA  (26-July-2004)
I just paid for and downloaded this software.  I must say, it is without a doubt the most complete and useful program I have ever seen.  The interface is beautiful. Kudos...  Jolly good show.
—— D.A.S.  Fort Worth, Texas – USA  (24-July-2004)
Thank you so much for your assistance once again.  I have become very impressed with the level of support that you offer for your wonderful product.  Regards.
—— M.A.  Middletown, Connecticut – USA  (16-July-2004)
THANKS!  I downloaded the evaluation copy and within 15 minutes bought a copy of TUT.  My computer is already loading faster.  I just bought a new generic IBM and have been thrilled with it except for the all the background programs running and I couldn't find the sources.  That is now resolved and I couldn't be more pleased.  Again, great program, reasonable price.
—— P.L.  Gresham, Oregon – USA  (8-July-2004)
Many thanks for the great software, service, and time saved.  Many thanks to your team for the speed recovered, especially after months of a sometimes frustratingly slow Fast Cleanup necessitating constant rebooting.
—— M.H.  Rueil-Malmaison – France  (26-June-2004)
Thanks, Mike, but the credit really goes to you guys and your amazing "TUT" program.  Great piece of work!  It ferrets out pretty much everything about those "unidentified tasks" except who installed the software and why!  All I could add was my anecdotal editorial and historical comments.  Huge thanks for the prompt reply!  Good work!  It's really nice these days to find a support group that actually responds!  Thanks!
—— S.H.  Tucson, Arizona – USA  (8-June-2004)
I just wanted to thank you people for your wonderful product, TUT 2.31!!!  It is a God-send. Ever since I purchased your product and installed it, I am able to "trouble-shoot" problems on my computer, every time!!!  I love it!  Before I had your product, my computer was in and out of the repair shop, and now, I can prevent and repair things before it gets to the point of having to take it to a shop.  Thank you!!!!!  God bless!
—— E.B.  Saint James, Missouri – USA  (1-June-2004)
What a fantastic program!  Just the thing I have been looking for.  It has solved many of my problems/misunderstandings on XP.  How you can produce such a program for a mere 14GBP I don't know – it has to be worth more than that!  Keep up the good work!
—— K.L.  Heywood, Lancashire – United Kingdom  (18-May-2004)
Hi, The Ultimate Troubleshooter solved my pc problems.  Thanks for the quality, it was worth every penny.  Regards, M.H.
—— M.H.  Amsterdam – The Netherlands  (14-May-2004)
FWIW you guys rock. Best dollars I have spent in some time.
—— D.F.  Winston-Salem, North Carolina – USA  (5-May-2004)
By the way, while there were no rogue programs on my machine, understanding all the arcane system services and following the program's recommendations have already made your program worth every penny.  My computer is running as fast as when I bought it several years ago.  I didn't think I'd ever see that again.  So, congrats on a fantastic program so far!!!!  Now, if only I could get my Norton Internet Security to work properly ... but I take it that's not something in your bailiwick.  Keep up the good work.  I'll be recommending your product to all my friends.
—— D.D.  Toronto, Ontario – Canada  (28-April-2004)
First, let me say what a great product you have. I am very impressed, and I've been in the IT field for 25 years.
—— B.S.  San Diego, California – USA  (16-April-2004)
I know my outgoing mail server and have used it successfully in the past. However, I followed the advice in your third paragraph and have successfully sent you the list of unknowns in a separate email. I would like to tell you that I just got this laptop back from the repairer and immediately I started having adware and virus problems, even though I am protected by AVG 7.0 anti virus software. Anyway, to cut a long story short, because of TUT I was able to locate the problem and deal with it 100% successfully. You have earned your fee this week! Best wishes.
—— D.W.  Abingdon, Oxfordshire – United Kingdom  (9-April-2004)
Your product is great. So good in fact I sent a link to 25 of my friends.  Explaining how it saved me from hiring an in-home computer expert @ 100 bucks and hour plus or buying a new computer.  I knew I had virus protection as well as plenty of memory left on this present computer.  I called my server who said the connection was fine.  The only thing it could have been was the background running programs.  Again I will say your program, although fundamental to an expert, was a god sent relief to me.
—— R.M.  Frederick, Maryland – USA  (2-April-2004)
I have to say that of all the programs I've used in the past 10+ years this little guy is the best. I've already sent an email about it to a dozen of my friends and family with an urgent message that they should try it out (it'll most likely take my place, if you know what I mean :-)).
—— A.M.  Flanders, New Jersey – USA  (27-March-2004)
Thanks so much.  I did as you suggested and registered TUT.  I've since been using TUT and Wow, have I learned so much! Thanks again for your help ... and product.
—— M.H.  Beltsville, Maryland – USA  (21-March-2004)
I really like your product. It's allowed me to eliminate clunks and lags in my system.  I can finally run Scandisk and Defrag in full auto after years of having to spoon feed the process.  I don't think I've seen the blue screen of death since I implemented your recommendations.
—— J.J.  Brandon, Manitoba – Canada  (20-March-2004)
By the way, I neglected to say how delighted I am with your software. It is wonderful. I am an old DOS user. I loved DOS because any reasonably intelligent person could fairly quickly master all the commands and feel in control of his machine. ......... I don't expect that I will ever master Windows the way I have mastered DOS, but at least I now feel I have a little better control over the machine, and, especially, can keep advertisers and god knows who else from installing spyware without my knowing about it, and burning up CPU time and wearing out my HD. Well worth the price!!.
—— F.K.  Dallas, Texas – USA  (12-March-2004)
I have just purchased your wonderful program "The Ultimate Troubleshooter".  And I would just like to thank you on creating the best systems program I have ever come across in my life.
Thank you, it has solved a lot of problems for me. Regards.
—— S.J.W.  Blackpool, Lancashire – United Kingdom  (11-March-2004)
I just purchased the "Ultimate Troubleshooter" and I love it. Do you guys have an enterprise version of "The Ultimate Troubleshooter" that can connect to Remote hosts ?
—— K.V.  Denton, Texas – USA  (11-March-2004)
Thanks. My system is running a lot better now.
—— S.F.  Auburn, California – USA  (10-March-2004)
I ordered the registered version of Ultimate Troubleshooter and feel it is very productive. Thanks.
—— C.G.  Huntington Beach, California – USA  (10-March-2004)
I will say your web site is terrific.  I've only checked out The Ultimate Troubleshooter – but the info it had on the services in the taskbar is fantastic and well worth the price.
—— D.W.L.  San Antonio, Texas – USA  (24-February-2004)
Praise:  NICE SOFTWARE!!!!!!!  I purchased personally and will also do so (soon) for my office.
—— P.M.  Fort Pierce, Florida – USA  (13-February-2004)
The Ultimate Troubleshooter is awesome!  I recommend adding SMTP authentication (or better, just submitting to your web site) because all my clients require SMTP authentication.
—— D.M.  San Francisco, California – USA  (6-February-2004)
Dear AnswersThatWork,
Many thanks for the speedy reply. Many thanks also for your wonderful Ultimate Troubleshooter program.  It has helped me enormously.  I was actually considering upgrading to Win98SE (a purportedly better program than plain 98) in the wake of ever-more-frequent screen freezes.  The Ultimate Troubleshooter seems to have ended these and I can now actually defrag my hard drive! Regards, N.W.
—— N.W.  San Francisco, California – USA  (4-February-2004)
TUT is a great program for "Tweakaholics" like me.
—— J.R.C.  Oshawa, Ontario – Canada  (4-February-2004)
I purchased your "Ultimate Troubleshooter" two days ago & find it very helpful.
—— B.R.  Manchester, New Jersey – USA  (29-January-2004)
YES!  SUCCESS!!! YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!!!.  TUT came up when.  Two weeks ago in desperation I decided computers were going to be with me the rest of my life so I could either pay big bucks for someone to fix little problems, live in frustration with a sick computer, or dig in and learn to do it myself.  So at age 55, I set my resolve.  With fear and trepidation I "dug in".
—— A.B.  Louisville, Tennessee – USA  (28-January-2004)
What a beautiful piece of software you have and I just can't say enough for the expertise you have shown in helping me with this problem.  I can't thank you enough.  It is a pleasure doing business with talented people.  I ran the program through its paces and already have improved the performance of my computer.  Looking forward to doing more business with you and will recommend you to everyone I know.  Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks. K.
—— K.T.  Springville, New York – USA  (13-January-2004)
















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