The Ultimate Troubleshooter Help

Invalid Registration Key

Scenario :  you have just purchased TUT,  you have installed the download which is nothing other than the demo version of TUT,  you have started TUT and clicked on REGISTER,  you have entered your registration details,  correctly you think,  and you get :  Invalid Key.

Well, in 100% of cases this happens only because you did not enter the  Serial Number Name  and  Serial Number  exactly as they are shown in your Order Confirmation email.  The most common mistake users make is enter into the "Serial Number Name" field their name as it comes to their mind as opposed to the Name that actually shows on the TUT Order Receipt (where, during the TUT ordering process, they might have used their middle name, or used initials, or, as sometimes happens, mis-spelt their own name).

Our recommendation is that,  in order to avoid typing mistakes,  you should  COPY  and  PASTE  both the  Serial Number Name  and the  Serial Number  from your Order Confirmation email to the registration screen of The Ultimate Troubleshooter.

If you do that (copy and paste both),  TUT will register without fail.

Also,  just in case,  note that on some PCs which have their email software configured in a particular manner,  the Serial Number may arrive truncated into two lines.  If that is the case you need to make sure you also include the part of the serial number that got broken off onto a second line,  ensuring that when you assemble it into just the ONE long serial number,  that there are no embedded spaces.

If you find that you have to enter the  Serial Number Name  and  Serial Number  manually,  then please note that they are case sensitive.  Enter them exactly as shown on your Order Confirmation email,  remembering that the character "0" is at all times a Zero.

If you believe you are doing everything right and still have problems registering TUT, then disable all anti-spyware programs that you may have running, and try again.  Some anti spyware programs like  System Mechanic,  Spybot,  Ad-Aware,  and many others, have a guardian module which sits in the System Tray and which prevents modifications to Windows and the Registry, this in turn prevents TUT from registering itself properly.

If that also fails, then virus scan your PC with an up-to-date reputable antivirus program, preferably after having restarted your PC into Safe Mode.