The Ultimate Troubleshooter Help

Need to re-install TUT but no registration details

If you need to re-install The Ultimate Troubleshooter but have lost your  Order Confirmation  email which contains the  "Serial Number Name"  and  "Serial Number"  which enable you to convert TUT from demo to the fully registered and enabled product, then do as follows :

  1. Download the TUT demo from our Downloads page.
  2. Install the TUT demo.
  3. Next,   click HERE    to obtain a copy of your Order Confirmation email. Note that you will need the exact email address that you used when you placed your order :
  1. First, use the  "Finding your order number"  section and email yourself your Order History. Remember, you must use the email address you used when you ordered TUT..
  2. Next, once you have received your Order History, use the top section with your email address and the Order Number from your Order History to print a copy of the Order Receipt which you lost.
  1. Once you have a copy of your order receipt, use the  "Serial Number Name"  and  "Serial Number"  to convert TUT to a fully registered and enabled version.