A clear interface with a Traffic lights colour scheme.  Simple but terrifically effective :
for OK,  Yellow for "Your choice depending on the information we have given you", 
and Red for "Useless, Harmful, Disastrous, Unnecessary, or Terrible". 
Our consultants and our clients love the simplicity of this system.


Another example of the clarity of the "Traffic Lights" visual coding.

The Ultimate Troubleshooter also boasts a powerful, robust, thorough, and
safe Housekeeping module based on our years of expertise in keeping PCs and Servers
lean and mean without endless clutter caused by temporary files in the background.

The Ultimate Troubleshooter also shows everything that makes up your PC. 
You can now answer any question about what graphics card you have, what processor
you have, the size of your hard disk, how much RAM, etc....

Comprehensive Printing and Export options to enable the user to keep accurate
records of the state of his/her PC at different times in the life of the PC.

Our Startups section enables you to control programs which start with Windows (Windows Startups).
Again, we provide you, in every day language, with all the information, you need to enable you to make the right choices.
In this particular example we unequivocally tell you to remove an unwanted program, the Adobe Reader Speed Launcher.

And, for the Technically Advanced
Windows XP/2003/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win2008/2012
we have a "Services" screen too.