The Ultimate Troubleshooter — Help

TUT update is being corrupted — Update fails to install

This type of problem usually occurs for one the following reasons :
  1. Corruption of the download caused by your DSL modem or router.  In a recent case one of our users had a D-Link DSL-502T Generation II modem which was the cause of the problem.  All that was needed was to upgrade the firmware on the D-Link router.  Consider updating the firmware on your ADSL/DSL router.
  2. Corruption of the download caused by a faulty hard disk.
  3. Corruption of the download caused by a virus.
  4. Incomplete/Interrupted download caused by issues on your PC.
  5. Interference by badly behaved Internet Security software.  In February 2010 we are aware of the fact that some versions of BitDefender and RadialPoint Software (rebranded as ISP Internet Security Suites, from Bell, British Telecom, Comcast, Cox, Eircom, FairPoint, Sky, Telus, Videotron, Rogers, SaskTel, Telébec, Telio, Verizon, and Virgin Media amongst others) seriously interfere with the TUT updating system, thinking it is downloading a virus !  In such cases you need to talk to your ISP and get them to direct you to the very latest version of their Internet Security software.  This often solves the problem but, read carefully, it sometimes also introduces problems on your PC with other programs that you regularly use.  Sometimes.

    Note 1 :  in many cases turning off "heuristics" (heuristics is the feature where BitDefender or RadialPoint software guesses that something might be a virus as opposed to matching it against a specific list of signatures) actually solves the problem.

    Note 2 :  we have advised some users of the RadialPoint software to temporarily close down their Internet Security and antivirus from the System Tray icons, and then update TUT, and in many cases this has worked as well.

In closing, so you understand what this error message means :  TUT only ever issues this message when it has verified for certain that the file that was sent to it by our servers does not match the one that was received and written to your hard disk, or the file it downloaded successfully from our servers has either been made inaccessible or deleted (by Internet Security software) or has been tampered with.