(The Ultimate Troubleshooter v4)

After five months of testing we finally released TUT v4 (The Ultimate Troubleshooter v4), the next generation.  We hope you will like it as much as we like it ourselves and that you will continue to enjoy the best PC tune-up and PC troubleshooting utility around.

Read on for a flavour of the new features.

Faster start-up time
TUT now starts up faster 4 to 15 seconds, depending on the PC it is running on, compared to 30 to 60 seconds with version 3.

Clearer presentation
TUT now displays more information on the screen, yet the presentation is a lot spacier than it used to be, and we use bigger display fonts too.

Windows 7 - Windows 8 and 8.1 ready
TUT now does Windows 7 and Windows 8 and 8.1 (32-bit/64-bit) along with running also on all server versions of Windows, Windows 2000/2003/2008/2012 Server.

Popup Help everywhere
Hover the mouse on most parts of the screen and TUT now has popup help.
Here are a few examples :

CPU Utilization popup help

Refresh button popup help

Connections popup help

Housekeeping options popup help

Hover the mouse on a task and get a popup summary of that task

So when was this PC booted up ?

TUT now shows your running tasks in real-time
The Ultimate Troubleshooter now shows your running tasks in real time.  In the previous version of TUT, if you opened a program while TUT was open, TUT would not show the new program until you pressed the  REFRESH  toolbar button.  This has now changed completely.  The  Tasks  tab now operate in real-time.  By default it will refresh the display every 10 seconds.  You can quicken this refresh frequency to 3 seconds, or actual real-time (less than 1 second), or you can slow it down to 20 seconds.  You will find the option under the  "View \ Task Refresh Rate"  or  "Tools \ Preferences"  menus.

Colour customization
Don't like the green popup help depicted in the screenshots above ?  No problem change it through the  "Tools \ Preferences"  menu.  There is also a choice of 5 colours for the highlight bar on the Tasks, Services, and Startups screens.

Real-time utilization graphs
In addition to the constantly updated memory and CPU utilization for each individual task shown on the  Tasks  screen, TUT now also has two graphs permanently visible at the top of the screen which show a constantly updated view of the CPU utilization (processor utilization) and memory utilization of your PC, thereby enabling you to accurately monitor the performance and health of your PC.

TUT shows program icons
TUT now shows program icons next to each task, service, or startup so that the experienced or regular TUT users can visually instantly recognize a task, service, or startup without needing to first read our write-up about it :

Display filtering options
You can filter the display of Tasks, Services, and Startups on the  Manufacturer  or  Status  columns so that, for example, you can choose to display only  Microsoft Tasks,  or display only  Tasks with a Not OK status,  etc... :

TUT is strong on services too
TUT 3 was weak on SVCHOST hosted services.  TUT 4 is now  strong  on SVCHOST hosted services and as a result provides a lot more scope for fine tuning and improving the performance of your PC thanks to our world renowned descriptions, explanations, and recommendations.

TUT can now remove services
TUT can now remove Windows services from the Services tab.  Many users find themselves having uninstalled software they no longer want but with the uninstall program having left obsolete services behind.  While TUT users have had the ability to disable services for a long time, being able to remove a service when you know that the software which owns it is no longer on your PC, is even better.  With TUT 4 you can now remedy the situation with the  Delete Service  right-click menu option.  Note that TUT will take you through 3 confirmation screens before allowing you to delete a service (remove the service), and there are specific Windows core services which it will never allow you to delete.

Ability to "suspend" a task
You can now suspend tasks.  This is a very valuable feature.  If you suspect an unusual process to be the cause for your slow downs, but you are not sure, you can suspend a process rather than terminate it outright, then observe the TUT CPU and Memory graphs.  If they show the performance getting better, then you can go ahead and terminate the task outright (if you think it's a nasty) or investigate why it is consuming so much of your resources.  If there is no change in performance, then you can simply resume the task and check another possible culprit.

More comprehensive Log
TUT logs all changes you make to your PC setup and configuration, as well as specific actions such as terminating a task, running Housekeeping, etc...  We have now made the logs even more comprehensive with fuller details.  You can access the TUT log through the  "View \ Log of changes you made with TUT"  menu option.

A completely redesigned SYSTEM INFO tab
The  System Info  tab, previously called the  Hardware  tab, has been completely redesigned and now sports an amazing wealth of information, particularly in respect to the new  Network Connections  section as well as the much enhanced  TCP/IP Ports and Connections  section where Technically Advanced Users you can see which programs open which ports and where you can cross-reference the programs back to the  Tasks  tab.  Check it all out for yourself here is a part-screenshot of one of the sections of the  System Info  tab :

Dependency Explorer (Techies only)
TUT's prime aim is to be an easy-to-use tool for both  end-users  (at home or in small businesses) and  IT professionals  alike.  Most of our time is spent in writing, and re-writing, and re-writing again our descriptions and recommendations so that they are comprehensive and so that they also include all relevant technical information and yet can be understood just as well by regular end-users as they will be by seasoned IT professionals.

However, there is a class of users in our industry, we call them the  hardcore techies,  who consistently wrote in complaining that TUT 3 was not technical enough.  Well, hardcore techies out there, we heard you all !  You can stop the complaining we've now given you the  Dependency Explorer  which is the best dependency walker available anywhere :

Last but not least
And that's not all.  We've made dozens of other minor improvements.  For example all the utilities have been improved :  Name Server Lookup,  Ping,  TraceRoute,  and  Whois,  to name just a few.

This is definitely the best TUT ever.  We think so....!










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