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_7EA94809FE219030A883C8.exe  is a startup entry which automatically starts BroadbandChoices.co.uk’s  Speed Tester  program at Windows boot-up.  As per BroadbandChoices.co.uk’s excellent description of the program at the time of writing, 15-Jan-2011 :   “The Speed Tester is a tool that measures the speed at which your broadband is running. It does this by sending a small file to your computer and recording how long it takes for the data to be downloaded. The size of the file varies depending on the package you’re on so that you get an accurate speed reading.”.

Recommendation :
Disable immediately on the  Startups  tab of  The Ultimate Troubleshooter.  While the Speed Tester program is a very good program, it is not one you should be running every day at Windows boot-up as it uses a lot of memory.  It can use anything from 10Mb to a whopping 115Mb of memory, with most PCs showing its usage at somewhere between 80Mb and 115Mb of memory.




3Com DMI Agent (DMI = Desktop Management Interface).  This task is installed when you install the full driver suite for many 3Com network cards – it runs as a background task on Windows 9x/ME and as a service on Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003.  This version of the 3Com DMI Agent allows any DMI management browser to access information about your 3Com network card such as the driver version, size and  statistics on number of packets sent, CRC receive errors, and much more.  DMI also enables your network card to be remotely configured for features such as Remote Wake Up, OS‑absent alerts, and the 3Com Managed PC Boot Agent.

Recommendation :
The main purpose of this task/service is to provide statistical and troubleshooting information to the Network Administrator in large organisations, particularly at times when there are network performance issues or application issues on parts of the network or on specific PCs.  Ironically, however, our recommendation is that if you are using Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003 and you experience unexplained random illegal operations, access violation errors, or Dr Watson crashes, then this is one of the first services to set to  Disabled  on the  Services  tab of  The Ultimate Troubleshooter  when troubleshooting the problems !   While we have yet to come across error messages or data which emphatically points to  3CDMINIC  as the culprit, our empirical evidence seems to show that the crashes lessen or disappear altogether if this service is disabled.  Other than the above, if you are a home user with 3Com network cards, or you operate a small company network, you most probably will have no need for this task/agent, in which case you can either de‑install the  3Com DMI Agent  in the  “Add/Remove Programs”  icon in the Control Panel, or you can decide to initially simply disable the task on the  Startups  tab of The Ultimate Troubleshooter in Windows 9x/ME, or set the startup mode of this service to  Disabled  on the  Services  tab of The Ultimate Troubleshooter in Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003  (look for the  3Com DMI Agent  service).  In all cases, if you are simply an end-user, you should consult your Network Administrator before  permanently  de-installing or disabling this task/service.

3cmlnkw 3CMLnkW.exe

(US Robotics / now 3Com)
Essential background task for some US Robotics 56K WinModem software-based modems.

Recommendation :
Leave alone.



(3dfx Interactive Inc)

3dfx Tools Task Manager.  System Tray task installed by the drivers for 3dfx graphics cards, or Voodoo graphics cards from the Voodoo 3 onward.  It enables you to manipulate and configure the various features of your 3dfx/Voodoo graphics cards straight from the System Tray.

Recommendation :  
Down to end-user preference.  Unless you are a gamer, we recommend you disable it with  The Ultimate Troubleshooter as you will rarely, if ever, make use of it and yet it adds to the clutter of the System Tray.

All of the tasks below, and many more, although not detailed on this page, are explained in full in The Ultimate Troubleshooter.

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___r.exe,  ___synmgr.exe,  _SC_Acrobat.exe,  _TDICLI_.exe,  00THotkey.exE,  000StTHK.exe,  1.exe,  1111a.exe,  1111c.exe,  120Util.exe,  123w.exe, MAIN123W.EXE,  138762763.exe,  1stClock.exe,  1XConfig.exe,  Wscript.exe 3-01-05.bkup.vbs,  3cmlink.exe,  3cshtdwn.exe,  Wscript.exe 4-01-05.bkup.vbs, Wscript.exe 4-05-05.vbs, 444.exe,  666.exe,  713xRMTMon.exe,  9.exe,  _Wowexec.exe


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