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The Windows startups, Windows Processes, and Windows Services below are only a subset of the massive database used by our  The Ultimate Troubleshooter  product.  Try it out — it's simpler than searching these pages.



Task List



B3dupdate B3DUpdate.exe

(Brilliant Digital)
Background auto-update program for Brilliant Digital’s B3D Projector.  B3D Projector is what we call adware – Brilliant Digital’s own description :  "The B3D Projector is a free viewer that plays the b3d animations created through b3d Exporter and b3d Studio.  Available as a plug-in for Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, or as a self-contained installation for CD distribution, the b3d Projector plays b3d files streamed over the Internet or distributed on CD-ROM....  Of course you may want to get revenue for all that content you’re creating, so you’ll be pleased to know that the Projector offers many e-commerce features, including auto-refreshing banner ads, interstitial ads, and an optional end-of-movie HTML page that can direct traffic back to your web site."  Our translation :  a program which you can use to offer your own software free of charge while obtaining revenue from advertising through B3D Projector’s ability to display ads.

At the time of writing, 26-May-2002, B3D Projector and other Brilliant Digital software come embedded in the popular Kazaa file sharing program, with the worrying following paragraph in the licensing agreement displayed during the installation :  "You hereby grant (Brilliant) the right to access and use the unused computing power and storage space on your computer/s and/or Internet access or bandwidth for the aggregation of content and use in distributed computing.  The user acknowledges and authorizes this use without the right of compensation."

Recommendation :
Get rid of any Brilliant Digital software which we have classified as adware.  We are against adware as adware consumes bandwidth (it significantly reduces the speed at which you access the Internet or download from the Internet) and most adware also results in interminable and unbelievably irritating popup advertisements.  Additionally, in the specific case of Brilliant Digital, their products often do not get de-installed when you de-install the software that originally installed them.  Download SpyBot Search & Destroy from our Downloads library to get rid of B3D Projector.  Note that doing so may incapacitate the program that originally installed B3D Projector.  If that program is Kazaa, then you will find a good alternative in WinMX also available from our Downloads Library.



(NewTech InfoSystems)

NTI Backup Now Core Service.  Core background service installed by the NTI Backup Now backup software.  This service is the program which actually backs up or restores your data when you instruct the main Backup Now to perform a data backup/restore.

NTI Backup Now  more often than not comes pre-installed on retail PCs and laptops (e.g. Acer laptops) rather than as a deliberate online purchase.  Nevertheless, it is a very good backup program if you do not have an alternative way of backing up your data – in fact it is excellent program with a beautifully simple and logical interface.  It enables the user to backup to CDs, DVDs, via FTP to a website, to a network drive, or to external USB devices, such as USB hard disks or USB flash memory.  You can also create an emergency Recovery CD/DVD to use should your laptop crash.

Note, however, that if you backup anything with  NTI Backup Now  then you will need the  NTI Backup Now  program to restore that data.

Recommendation :
Down to end-user requirements.

In short, if you never use the  NTI Backup Now  software, disable this background service by changing its  Startup Mode  to  Disabled  on the  Services  tab of  The Ultimate Troubleshooter.

If you do use  NTI Backup Now  but do not  have scheduled backups set up, then you should change the  Startup Mode  of this program to  Manual  so that it only gets started on days that you actually perform manual backups.

This program normally uses 7Mb to 9Mb of memory.



(Backweb Technologies)
BackWeb started life as push technology software which enabled you to subscribe to various information channels of your choice so that your selected information channels would pop up on your screen with the latest world news, entertainment news, etc…,  whatever you might have chosen  You can configure the original BackWeb to download the news for later viewing, to display the news as desktop background, ticker, or popup window.

This did not take off as well as expected and, crucially, it was also not paying for itself.  As a result BackWeb quickly went into other markets, two of them significant ones.  (1) Advertising adware where websites, ISPs, or software manufacturers include BackWeb on their site, in their ISP software, or in their software and, whenever you connect to the Internet, BackWeb also connects to retrieve advertisements which are then displayed on your screen or in your browser.  (2) BackWeb is also routinely installed on new PCs by specific computer manufacturers with the aim being that BackWeb will automatically check for vital updates to the PC’s setup whenever the end-user connects to the web. Such manufacturers include Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, LogiTech, Kodak, although some or all of these may have stopped this practice at the time of writing of this entry (April 2002).

Recommendation :
Unless you are using BackWeb for news content, we strongly recommend de-installing it.  It is often a serious resource hog, in most cases it is also advertising adware, it slows down your Internet connection, unacceptably if you connect by modem, and it has the potential for sending out information from your PC.  De-install via the "Add/Remove Program" icon in the Control Panel, or disable with  The Ultimate Troubleshooter.
Bargains Bargains.exe

(Exact Advertising)
Main executable task of the Bargain Buddy advertising software (adware) from Exact Advertising (Exact Advertising started as the advertising sales division of Net2Phone Inc till it was spun off in a management buyout).  Bargain Buddy is software which, based on your Internet browsing habits, generates popup advertisements whenever you browse the web – it gets installed mostly as part of other products such as Net2Phone (no, surely not!), some versions of the LimeWire file sharing software, some versions of the email alert program from www.mail.com, and other software titles.

Recommendation :
If like us you do not like popup ads, de-install Bargain Buddy from the "Add/Remove Programs" icon in the Control Panel (if it shows up in there).  Next, run Spybot Search & Destroy which you can find in our
Downloads page.




This task seems to have appeared on the scene in June 2003.  It is installed in the folder structure created by the remote dialup software from the  PeoplePC  ISP, so we can safely assume that it gets installed when you install the PeoplePC software.  While we are not yet sure as to what this task does, what we have observed is as follows :  if we tell the end-user to disable it on the  Startups  tab of  The Ultimate Troubleshooter, the endless popup advertisements that the end-user was complaining about, disappear for good.  If the end-user re‑enables BARTSHEL, they come back !   We leave you to put 2 and 2 together .......

Recommendation :  
In addition to the popup ads, some versions of BARTSHEL also generate scripting error and other crashes in Internet Explorer on some PCs – even more reasons to avoid this task !   What you do next depends on your version of  BARTSHEL.  Try first disabling it on the  Startups  tab of  The Ultimate Troubleshooter.  If you do not find  BARTSHEL  in The Ultimate Troubleshooter, then rename  BARTSHEL.EXE  to  BARTSHEL.EXE.RENAMED !   You can do a search for it but, typically, it will be located in either  “C:\Program Files\ISP40\bin”  or in  “C:\Program Files\ISP50\bin”In our experience disabling BARTSHEL usually does not cause any problems with the PeoplePC connection.  That said, if this solution gives you problems with your PeoplePC connection, then simply re‑enable  BARTSHEL.  If you are a technically advanced user, then try re-creating your PeoplePC connection manually rather than with the PeoplePC CD and see if you can connect through that.

BBC Ticker


(British Broadcasting Corporation – BBC)
Floating horizontal News Toolbar from The BBC, the UK broadcasting service.  If you have a permanent connection to the Internet, it flashes news headlines throughout the day – clicking on a particular headline opens your Internet browser onto the corresponding news page on the BBC website.

Recommendation :
Down to end-user preference.



(Research in Motion)

Blackberry Device Driver & Manager.  Task which is spawned by the Blackberry Communications Manager background task and whose role is to “drive” your Blackberry phone as requested by the Blackberry Communications Manager.

Recommendation :
Leave alone.  This task will automatically terminate itself when the Blackberry Communications manager no longer needs to “drive” your phone.  This task normally uses 1Mb to 7Mb of memory.





You have the   W32.Beagle.A@mm / I-Worm.Bagle / W32/Bagle@MM / Win32.Bagle.A   virus.

Bcdetect BCDetect.exe

(Creative Labs)
This is a startup item rather than a background task (it starts with Windows, does its job, then terminates).  As yet we do not know what this startup item does.

Recommendation :
We always disable this item with  The Ultimate Troubleshooter  and have never noticed any problems caused by doing so !
Bcmdmmsg Bcmdmmsg.exe

Broadcom Modem Messaging.  Background task installed with the drivers for "BCM V.90 Modems".  Broadcom modems are OEM modems which other companies put their names to (e.g. "Gateway").

Recommendation :
Broadcom modems are almost always 100% software controlled modems.  Thus, while we are not totally sure about the role of BCMDMMSG, it is highly likely that this background task is essential to the proper functioning of your modem – leave alone.




Broadcom’s   Wireless Tray Task   seen on many laptops whose inbuilt wireless network adapter is made by Broadcom.  This program has the dual role of enabling you to configure your wireless connections when you double-click on it, but, more importantly, it usually also supports a  Wireless ON/OFF  button or function key somewhere on the laptop where you can hit the key or button to physically turn your wireless adapter ON or OFF (it is good added security to turn wireless OFF when you do not need it; also, some business users sometimes connect to a variety of networks, sometimes wirelessly and sometimes by network cable, and when connecting by network cable it is sometimes necessary to disable wireless in order to ensure that the laptop is definitely using the network cable and not the wireless route).

Recommendation :
Regardless of the version of Windows you are running, this program is essential.  If you have Windows 98/ME/2000/XP-SP1 you will need this icon to easily configure your wireless adapter and connect to new wireless networks straight from the System Tray.  If you have Windows XP-SP2 or 2003 then the configuration icons of XP SP2/2003 are more user‑friendly than this icon, but, nevertheless, as per the other operating systems you will still need to leave this program running so that you can use the key/button on your laptop to turn wireless ON or OFF when needed.




Broadcom Soft Modem Messaging Applet.  Background task installed by the drivers for Broadcom’s range of v92 soft modems.  Broadcom modems are OEM modems which other companies put their names to  (e.g.  “Gateway).

Recommendation :   Essential to the proper functioning of your modem – Leave alone.




BitDefender Outlook Express Server.  Virus scanning background program which is part of your  BitDefender AntiVirus  program and which scans Outlook Express emails for viruses.

Recommendation :
An essential service of your  BitDefender  antivirus program – Leave alone.

Benetns BENetNS.exe

Backup Exec Agent Browser Service, part of Veritas’ Backup Exec for Windows Servers backup software – this service runs on Windows NT4/2000/2003 servers.  This service allows the Backup Exec Engine, the service that actually does the backing up, to discover Backup Exec Agents that are available on the network (ie: on end-user workstations) and which might want to interact with Backup Exec on the server (to submit a workstation backup, to view the logs of server backups, etc...).

Recommendation :

This service is only needed if you want to allow interaction between some workstations and the Backup Exec process on your server(s).
Bengine BEngine.exe

Backup Exec Job Engine service, part of Veritas Backup Exec for Windows Servers backup software – this service runs on Windows NT4/2000/2003 servers.  This is the service that actually performs the backing up of data to tape – it runs the defined backup jobs.

Recommendation :
Essential – Leave alone.  Note :  there is often a more recent full install version of the Backup Exec software for your Windows server on the Veritas website, plus patches too.  Thus, if you experience problems with BENGINE.EXE, check the Veritas website for updates.
Benser BENSer.exe

Backup Exec Naming Service, part of Veritas Backup Exec for Windows Servers backup software – this service runs on Windows NT4/2000/2003 servers.  This service maintains a list of all Backup Exec fileservers on your network.

Recommendation :
This service is needed irrespective of whether you have just the one server running Backup Exec, or you have multiple servers each running Backup Exec – Leave alone.





Backup Exec Remote Agent Accelerator.  Service installed by the Symantec Backup Exec backup software and whose dual role is to backup remote computers and compress the data received from the remote computers.

Recommendation :
Down to end-user requirements.  If Backup Exec on this PC or Server is not configured to backup remote PCs or servers, then you do not need to have this service running at every Windows boot-up – disable it by settings its  Startup Mode  to  Manual  on the  Services  tab of  The Ultimate Troubleshooter.  This service uses between 8Mb and 15Mb of memory.

Beserver BEServer.exe

Backup Exec Server service, part of Veritas Backup Exec for Windows Servers backup software – this service runs on Windows NT4/2000/2003 servers. This service implements backup job schedules, Backup Exec configuration changes, and it maintains job histories, and services the Backup Exec Management SDK.

Recommendation :
Absolutely essential – Leave alone.





Quicken Billminder task automatically installed by default in the Startup folder.   It reminds the user, on Windows boot-up, of impending bills to pay, impending inputs (e.g. salary), and any other impending financial events the user might have set up in Quicken.

Recommendation :  
Entirely down to end-user preference – some users like to be reminded of such things whenever they turn their PC on (in which case keeping BILLMIND in the Startup folder is necessary), while others prefer to be reminded only when they open Quicken, through the Quicken Reminder window.  This task can be disabled either within Quicken or with  The Ultimate Troubleshooter.




This is the  Microsoft Bing Search Bar  introduced by the Microsoft Bing Team in April 2012.

While it is supposedly an optional download, many users are in fact picking it up accidentally as part of Windows Updates.

The Microsoft Bing Team’s own description of this :

“From the beginning, Bing has been a place for exploration. The Bing homepage images aspire to spark your curiosity giving you something to talk about and connect with. Over the years, many of you have requested a simple way to enjoy these images as your Windows desktop background. With today’s release of Bing Desktop, we’re introducing an easy way to do just that.

Bing Desktop marries the beauty of Bing’s daily homepage with a quick and convenient search interface so you don’t have to open your browser to start a search session. Every day, your Windows Desktop Background will automatically refresh to a high resolution version of the day’s home page, drawn from the images we use around the world.

If you prefer, you can dock the search box to the top of screen and it will slide up out of view until you hover and click at top of screen. Just use the settings icon to pin to top of screen. We’d love your feedback on this experimental user experience.”

Recommendation : 
Well, Well, Well.

OK – some of you might agree with this blog that the  “Laziness of this Bing Desktop app is silly”.  

Alternatively you could read about our  Worldwide Printer Widgets  blogs here, and here.

Either way this is down to end-user preference.  When making your decision you might be interested to know that in the two weeks since its first introduction on 24‑Apr-2012, we have seen this toolbar use anything from 17Mb to a staggering 62Mb of memory for what is just ...... a toolbar !  Since this toolbar also comes with its own backrground Updater Service which itself uses anything from 5Mb to 36Mb of memory you have right there a toolbar which could be using up to 100Mb of your system’s memory.  Hmmmmm.

You can disable the  Bing Desktop  toolbar from starting up on the  Startups  tab of  The Ultimate Troubleshooter, or you can uninstall it through TUT’s  Tools \ Add/Remove Programs  menu option.




Microsoft Bing Service.  Background task introduced in late 2015 which seems to be more about some of Microsoft’s services based around BING than about BING Desktop itself, such as automatic translation in Skype, etc..

So far, at the time of writing, 16-Jan-2016, we have seen this task installed by Skype updates, or pre-installed on new laptops.

Recommendation :
Down to end-user requirements.

This task is most definitely not needed for by Bing Desktop.  It is also not needed for standard Skype use (ie. without automated translation into another language).

In our case, as we have so far not been able to find exactly what it is used for, we disable it and we have not noted any adverse effect as regards either the use of Skype or the use of Bing Desktop.  You can disable it on the  Startups  tab of  The Ultimate Troubleshooter.

This background task normally uses 4Mb to 14Mb of memory and, occasionally, up to 12% of CPU time on some PCs.

Bjcfd BJCFD.exe

(BroadJump Inc, now Motive)
BroadJump Client Foundation from BroadJump.com, now Motive.  After reading the description of this product on the BroadJump website, it is clear that some of the functions of this software are what we call adware (software which collects information on your Internet activity and sends it to your ISP so that your ISP can serve you advertisements related to the type of sites you visit).  This program typically gets installed when you install software from the Comcast ISP (which took over @Home and MediaOne), although at the time of writing, 31-Mar-2003, Comcast is not the only ISP which uses BroadJump’s software (Southwestern Bell DSL, BellSouth, Charter).

Recommendation :
We are against this type of spyware/adware software, as you know. Additionally CFD creates conflicts on Windows XP which result in users experiencing problems or lack of Internet access when logging off and logging back on as a different user.  Again on XP, CFD has been seen to slowly but surely gobble up resources and memory, ending up running at 95% of CPU resources and an impossibly slow PC.  You’ve guessed it :  de-install "Broadjump Client Foundation" through "Add/Remove Programs" in the Control Panel, and/or disable BJCFD, or its newer incarnation, CFD, with  The Ultimate Troubleshooter.  Those users who have done so have reported no ill-effects whatsoever.  You can also run Ad-Aware or Spybot Search & Destroy who will both rid your PC of the Broadjump software.




Canon My Printer System Tray icon.  System Tray icon which enables the user to open the  Canon My Printer  software which gets installed by the Drivers CD of many Canon printers.  Through that System Tray icon you can access printer settings (media type, layout, photo effects, set ting up of profiles), printer status, and perform troubleshooting.

Recommendation :

Down to end-user preferences.  You do not need this task to be running for your Canon printer to work perfectly, so it is really down to your own personal preference as to whether you want this running in the System Tray or not.   This task normally uses between 3Mb and 6Mb of memory.  You can disable it on the  Startups  tab of  The Ultimate Troubleshooter.

Bkupexec BkupExec.exe

You have the Veritas Backup Exec program open on-screen.  On a standalone PC this will be the program which you use to backup your PC.  On a network fileserver, this will be the Administrator program which enables the network administrator to set up backup jobs, view the history and logs, prepare media, etc..,  with the actual backing up of the data being performed by BENGINE.EXE.





Task which is dropped onto your PC when you run the free  “hidden pornography”  scanner from PuritySCAN.com.  This file is found in a folder called  “PSD Tools”.  At the time of writing, 9‑May‑2004, PuritySCAN.com purports to scan your PC for hidden pornography and help you remove it.  For a start, at the time of writing, 9‑May‑2004, the scan for pornographic content is a total scam and downright dangerous.  The scan will reports files like  ASSETS.GIF  and  ASSETS.EXE  as files containing pornographic material because, wait for it, because ..... the names of the files contain the word  “ass”.  Shocking, shocking, shocking.  If we had gone ahead and  “cleaned”  our test hard drive of the reported files, we would have lost  “ASSETS.GIF”  which is a graphic file that is part of Microsoft Office 2000, and we would have lost  “ASSETS.EXE”  which is asset management software !!  And it gets worse :  STRIPED.GIF will also have been deleted because the filename has the letters  “strip”, and, unbelievably, SUNBANNA.GIF will have been deleted because the filename contains the letters .......... “Anna” !   There are no words to describe a scam like this one. 

It gets worse still :  what this software also does do is drop this file together with a second one onto your PC (The Ultimate Troubleshooter  will also highlight the second file), sets both up as startup entries, and the PC then gets inundated with popup advertisements and also experiences serious Internet browsing performance issues.  As much as it irritates us to be, to be fair there is a license agreement which states, amongst other things, that you agree to receive advertising :  “By installing PurityScan you understand and agree that PurityScan will make the following changes to your Internet Browser:  Several PROMOTIONAL CONSOLES (daughter console/interstitial) may be launched for the duration of time you spend online. These consoles may continue to be launched as long as you have PurityScan installed on your machine. PurityScan does not monitor the activities or collect information from users once they have left PurityScan.  By downloading PurityScan, you understand that these changes cannot be reversed without running the removal executable of PurityScan.  If you try to change the items above manually, your changes will be lost when you reboot or turn off your computer.”

This is nightmarish adware posing as a  free service to the Internet community – the publishers know full well that 90% of users never read License Agreements and that they will therefore get conned into running a not only useless but dangerous scan, and they will also get infected with adware (advertising software) !   Since its introduction in 2002 this task not only constantly changes name, to evade detection, but it has also appeared in the Task List of users who have never accessed PuritySCAN.com, so we suspect that ClickSpring have an Affiliates programme which allows unscrupulous websites to co‑brand the PuritySCAN program so they can lure users into running scans of their PCs while at the same time dropping onto those PCs this task which will continually pull up popup advertisements about their products !   Through investigation and talking to infected users, we even have strong circumstantial evidence that this task is obtained, of all places, on pornographic websites which provide a free  “tool to erase all traces of the user’s visit to those sites” !!

Finally, we have also noticed that all users who had this task and who did not have adequate antivirus protection, were all infected with the  Badtrans  virus – we are not yet sure of the reason for this strange coincidence.

Recommendation :
Get rid of this task immediately. 
1) Terminate  BLENGINE  (or its equivalent) on the  Tasks  tab of  The Ultimate Troubleshooter
2) Terminate the second task which The Ultimate Troubleshooter will have also identified as being ClickSpring software.
3) Switch to the  Startups  tab and note the location of the  BLENGINE.EXE  file (or its equivalent) and of the other task identified by The Ultimate Troubleshooter as being ClickSpring software. 
4) Search and Delete both files from your hard disk. 
5) Search your hard disk for a file called PURITYSCAN.EXE.  If you find it, delete it.
6) Delete both ClickSpring entries from the  Startups  tab of The Ultimate Troubleshooter. 
7) Finally, make sure you have a reputable antivirus product, manually update it fully, then reboot your PC into Safe Mode and run a full virus scan of your PC.





You have the  W32.Randex.BE  virus.

Bmouse BMouse.exe

Kensington ValuMouse Scroll.  Background task which is installed by the drivers for the Kensington ValuMouse range of mice and which handles the scroll wheel.

Recommendation :
This software is only necessary under Windows 95 which does not have support for scroll buttons/wheels.  As we have not had reports of problems with BMOUSE, it is up to you as to whether you decide to keep it or de-install the mouse software.



(Bytemobile Inc)

Bytemobile Web Configuration Service,  also called the  Bytemobile Optimization Client.  Service installed by the drivers of many wireless cellular modems (e.g. Cingular, CYNET, Sierra Wireless, Novatel, etc...).  Cellular modems (also called cell modems) are modems which allow the user to access the Internet over a mobile network.  The modem typically has its own SIM card and comes in USB form or PCMCIA card for use with laptops.

This service implements web acceleration by caching web pages so that your Internet browsing is faster (Internet Caching is the process of preloading web pages which are thought to be those you might want to read next – this is usually done by loading in the background the pages which correspond to the links on the page you are currently on).

Recommendation :

Down to end-user requirements.  If you no longer use your cellular modem then remove the Bytemobile software, and the drivers for the cell modem, through the  “Add/Remove Programs”  icon in the  Control Panel.  Alternatively change the  Startup Mode  of this service to  Manual  or  Disabled  on the  Services  tab of  The Ultimate Troubleshooter.

If, on the other hand, you do use your cellular modem, then keep this service as it significantly accelerates the use of web browsers.

Note 1 :  This service does  NOT  improve the performance of your connection when you use the cellular connection to connect to a remote PC or remote network – this service enhances solely web browsing.  That said, as it uses very little memory, it is still worth keeping for as long as you keep using your cell modem, just in case you might need to do the occasional web browsing some day.

Note 2 :   At the time of writing, 12-May-2007, some versions of this service have in the past caused adverse effects on some PCs, including freezing and blue screens.  Therefore, if you experience strange problems on your PC which you have not been able to solve, try installing the very latest version of the drivers for your cellular modem.

Note 3 :   Users of the SeaMonkey or FireFox web browsers may not notice any improvements from this service as those web browsers already have first class background web caching of their own.




BOCLEAN Anti-Malware Kernel Monitor.  Core kernel service of the Comodo Software   BOCLEAN   anti-malware software which monitors for rootkit viruses and malware.

Recommendation : 
This is the core service of your  BOCLEAN  anti-malware program which protects you in real-time against permanently destructive rootkit threats – Leave alone therefore.  This background service normally uses between 2Mb to 16Mb of memory.



(University of California)

BOINC client.  BOINC  stands for  Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing.  This particular program is spawned by the  BOINC Manager program  (BOINCMgr.exe) and is needed for BOINC to work fully and properly.

Recommendation :
Leave alone.

Boingo Wi-Fi

Boingo Wi-Fi.exe

(Boingo Inc)

Boingo Wireless Hotspot Detection app.  Boingo is a wireless hotspot provider with thousands of wireless hotspots around the World, particularly in the US & Canada, and in Europe. 



(Macrovision Europe)

Boonty Games Licensing Service.  Service installed when you install game software from  Boonty Games.  This service is installed with a  Startup Mode  of  Manual.  When you start your Boonty Games game program, it in turn starts this service which checks whether you have a valid license installed on your PC.  This anti-piracy protection program keeps running until you close your Boonty Games game.

Recommendation :
Essential for the proper functioning of your Boonty Games game.  It will refuse to run if you stop this service – Leave alone therefore.

If, however, you no longer use any Boonty Games software, then you can either uninstall this service from  “Add/Remove Programs”  or you can set its  Startup Mode  to  Disabled  on the  The Ultimate Troubleshooter.




Norton AntiVirus Boot Warning.  This program is installed as a startup item when you install Norton AntiVirus, and also sometimes when you do a LiveUpdate which updates Norton AntiVirus significantly enough that a reboot is needed to complete the installation.  We believe its purpose to be to warn the end-user that he must reboot his PC before using Norton AntiVirus in those cases when a reboot did not happen with the result that Norton AntiVirus did not fully complete its installation or software updating.

Recommendation :
Start Norton AntiVirus from  “Start \ Programs \ Norton AntiVirus”.  If Norton AntiVirus comes up without problems, then delete this entry from the  Startups  tab of  The Ultimate Troubleshooter – it was left behind by mistake and is no longer needed now that Norton AntiVirus is fully installed and opens without error messages.

Bpcpost Bpcpost.exe

Microsoft TV Viewer Post Setup program.  We have at this stage no idea as to what this program actually does.

Recommendation :
If you never use Microsoft TV disable this program with  The Ultimate Troubleshooter.




(Bison Inc)

Bison USB PC Camera Uninstallation !!!   Are you as surprised as we are ???  Sometimes the way manufacturers design software simply leaves us stunned.  At the time of writing, 8-Aug-2007, this program is found as a startup item on laptops fitted with inbuilt webcams – in our case we found it on Acer laptops.  There is no purpose to this program.  It starts at every Windows boot-up but does not have an icon in the System Tray and you get no access whatsoever to a screen – in other words, as a user you can’t do anything with it.  Additionally, when the program starts at Windows boot‑up it uses as much as 30Mb of memory before eventually settling down to 2Mb or 3Mb of memory.  Lastly, terminating this program does not prevent the laptop’s webcam from working.  This is as useless a program as we’ve seen and it boggles the mind what the programmers were thinking of in even inventing it !

Recommendation :
Disable on the  Startups  tab of  The Ultimate Troubleshooter.

Brad32 Brad32.exe

(Network Associates)
Component of Network Associates’ Total Virus Defense Network Suite, Management Edition.  Total Virus Defense will also be known to some as a Dr Solomon product, which it was till Network Associates acquired Dr Solomon.  BRAD32 runs on the workstations and executes requests sent from the network fileserver – these requests will mainly be to install virus updates, product updates, or to run virus scans.  BRAD32 is a nightmare.  In fact, in our experience most Dr Solomon products produced around the time that Dr Solomon were acquired by Network Associates, either side of the acquisition date, have proved to be full of problems (yet we used to swear by Dr Solomon before then!).  In the case of BRAD32 the problems range from 100% CPU utilization, intolerable delays in opening files on the fileserver, or unbelievable performance problems when running programs which open many files, whether these files are local or not (such as temporary work files, etc..).  Network Associates produced Management Edition 2.0 after its acquisition of Dr Solomon whose last version was 1.5. Version 2.5 was then introduced which no longer used BRAD32.

Recommendation :
In our experience most users running BRAD32 will experience very significant performance gains by getting rid of it.  However, if you are a network administrator and you want to retain control over the antivirus implementation in your organisation, then our advice is to upgrade to a current version of Management Edition whenever you can afford it.  Getting rid of BRAD32 depends on how it is implemented – if you are an end-user, liaise with your network administrator as BRAD32 may be run by system policies (POLEDIT).  If BRAD32 is not run by system policies, then you can disable it with  The Ultimate Troubleshooter.




Brother Scan, Copy & Fax Control Center.  System Tray program installed by the drivers for Brother MFC Multi‑Function printers (Printer/Scanner/Photocopier/Fax) which enables the user to perform scanning, faxing, and copying functions directly from their PC.  This program enables you to do more things than you can do from the printer’s own Control Pad.  Typically you can scan directly to file, scan to email, scan to fax (if you have a fax modem in your PC or if your Brother Multi‑Function printer has faxing capabilities), scan to Word Processor via OCR conversion, manage photocopying jobs, or fax from your PC.

Recommendation :
Down to end-user preference.  This program uses 8Mb of memory when idle.  If you only very rarely perform any of the above functions, then you may want to save memory and disable it on the  Startups  tab of  The Ultimate Troubleshooter  –  You can always start it from  “Start \ Programs”.

BrowserWebCheck LoadWC.exe

Brqikmon Brqikmon.exe

Print job customizing applet which gets installed with most of the post-2000 printer drivers.  In the more up-to-date versions of those printer drivers, this little program sits in the tray and enables you to specify special print job instructions, such as printing 2, 4, 8, or 16 pages in contact-sheet manner onto the one page, printing double-sided, printing on special paper, etc..

Recommendation :
A brilliant and very useful little utility in most environments.  Leave untouched unless you work with Citrix as we have had reports that, under Citrix, it interferes with the way in which Citrix handles print jobs.





Set Brother Printer as Default Printer  startup task.  This startup task re‑sets your Brother Multi‑Function printer as your default Windows printer at every Windows boot‑up.

Recommendation :
Down to end-user preference.  If you have just the one printer, your Brother Multi‑Function, printer, then this task is harmless.  If you have more than one printer connected to your PC and your Brother Multi‑Function printer is the printer you use most of the time, then this task will be useful in ensuring that on every Windows boot-up your Brother multi‑function printer is guaranteed to be your default printer.  If, however, you have more than one printer but you like your usual default printer to be one of the other printers, then disable this task on the  Startups  tab of  The Ultimate Troubleshooter.




Brother Printer Status Monitor.  System Tray icon which helps the user monitor the status of his/her Brother printer(s).  Through this icon the user can monitor the progress of print jobs, investigate printing problems, investigate print quality errors, check the amount of ink/toner left, check for software updates, etc..  Additionally, when you print, this icon gives you feedback about the progress of your print job (useful in the case of long print jobs), whether it ran into difficulties, and why (e.g. out of paper, out of toner, etc…).

Recommendation : 
Down to end-user requirements  and  experience.

In principle the popups telling you that the printer is running out of ink or toner, or that it has run out of paper, etc…, are incredibly useful compared to not running this program and finding that you do not quite know why your printer is not printing.

However :   in our experience, with some versions of this program, having this icon running in the System Tray can result, if your printer is connected via USB to your PC, in totally unacceptable delays when you double-click on documents before the document/spreadsheet/other-type-of-document actually opens, up to 5 to 15 seconds delays at times – Unacceptable !   The first workaround is to first check if there is a newer version of the drivers for your printer to see if that solves the problem.  If it does not then, unfortunately, your only option is to disable this icon on the  Startups  tab of  The Ultimate Troubleshooter.

This program normally uses 4Mb to 23Mb of memory.






Brother Print Status Window.  Startup background task installed by the drivers for your Brother printer and which shows up in the System Tray as a printer icon.  You can double‑click on the icon to check the level of your ink cartridges (or toner) and to see what the printer is currently doing (idle, printing, scanning).  The printer status window also pops up when you print, showing you the progress of your print job.

Recommendation :
Down to end-user preference.  This task is not necessary for your printer to work - you can disable it on the  Startups  tab of  The Ultimate Troubleshooter.

Note :  this process can on some PCs cause annoying sporadic delays of 5 to 10 seconds in Microsoft Office programs (Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel), as well as errors when you are trying to shut your PC down where it tells you that this task needs to be closed first.  If you have this problem first go into the  Properties  of your Brother printer in the Printers Control Panel, choose the  Advanced  tab and if you find that your Brother printer is set to  “Print directly to printer”,  then set it to  Spool print documents and reboot – this can often cure the problem straight away.  If it does not, then first check for updated drivers on our  Drivers  page and, if that still does not help, then disable this task on the  Startups  tab and work without the Status Monitor.

This task normally uses 4Mb to 19Mb of memory.

BT Cloud.exe

BT Cloud.exe


BT Cloud Application.  Program which runs in the System Tray and which enables you to make use of all the features provided by  BT Cloud.

BT Cloud  is a service similar to Dropbox, iCloudDrive, or Box.com, where :

a)   You can store your files in the cloud and have them available on all your computer devices, be it your PC/laptop, or smartphone and tablet (BT Cloud Sync).

b)   You can keep your files on your PC/Laptop but have them backed up automatically to your BT Cloud account whenever they change  (BT Cloud Auto Backup).

c)   You can share via Facebook, email, or Twitter, files and folders in your BT Cloud Sync area.

The BT Cloud service is actually run by  F-Secure, the Finnish antivirus and Internet Security giant.

Recommendation : 
Down to end-user requirements.

If you do not use  BT Cloud  and only installed it accidentally as part of your signup to BT Broadband, then simply disable this program on the The Ultimate Troubleshooter;  otherwise leave it running.

Note :   Do  not  uninstall BT Cloud if you have been using the  BT Cloud Sync  feature, because with that part of the service your files are stored only in the cloud, not on your PC.  Transfer all your files from BT Cloud Sync to your PC/laptop before ever uninstalling BT Cloud.

The BT Cloud app normally uses anything from 99Mb to 145Mb of memory.




Backup4All Tray Monitor.  System Tray icon installed when you install the  Backup4All  backup software.  This System Tray icon has the dual function of enabling the user to open the main  Backup4All  user interface directly from the System Tray, and of displaying popups (if enabled) detailing the progress, start, and completion status of backup jobs.  In addition to the popups, which can be disabled, this icon also changes its appearance to indicate that a backup job is in progress, or that a job has completed, etc...

Recommendation :
Down to end-user preference.

Backup4All  will run perfectly well without this icon.  Although in our view it uses a lot more memory than it really should, in our case we like to keep this icon running.  If you do not want it running, you can disable it on the  Startups  tab of  The Ultimate Troubleshooter.

This program normally uses 45Mb to 60Mb of memory.






Widcomm’s Bluetooth Stack COM Server.  Background COM server task that is essential to the proper running of the other programs within Widcomm’s Bluetooth software, such as  BTTRAY  and  BTWDINS – it provides those tasks with support functions.

Recommendation :
Essential for the proper running of your Bluetooth software – Leave alone.  Note, however, that the early versions of this software (2003/4) were causing some PCs to crash with a reboot needed.  If this is your experience then check our  Drivers  pages for updated drivers (note that Widcomm is now part of Broadcom).





Bttray BTTray.exe

Widcomm’s Bluetooth Tray Application.  Widcomm’s Bluetooth for Windows software, BTW, comes bundled with many Bluetooth devices, e.g. TDK Bluetooth PCMCIA cards, Epox motherboards with embedded Bluetooth connectivity, etc.  BTTRAY is the actual user interface of the software, and it sits in the System Tray where it enables the user to discover/detect and connect nearby Bluetooth devices.  You can also configure security and every single feature of the Bluetooth software through this icon.

Recommendation :
There is no "Exit" option for this icon, and the reason is that the System Tray is the only place where the software runs from.  So, if you are using Bluetooth devices on a regular basis, leave this task alone – if you want to disable it, however, you can do that through  The Ultimate Troubleshooter.
Bvt BVT.exe

Browser Event component of the Backdoor.Autoupder virus.

Recommendation :
Immediately update your antivirus software and then run a full virus scan on your PC.

All of the tasks below, and many more, although not detailed on this page, are explained in full in The Ultimate Troubleshooter.

The Ultimate Troubleshooter (TUT), has the full database in a remarkably easy and pleasing interface which makes the process of fine tuning your PC, or troubleshooting your computer's problems, a snip.  Get it here.

B9.exe,  Babylon.exe, Backup4all.exe,   BackupAssist.exe,  BackupAssistService.exe,  BackupAssistUpdateService.exe,  BackupManagerTray.exe,  BackupOutlook.exe,  BackWeb-137903.exe,  BackWeb-1940576.exe,  Compaq Connections.exe,  BackWeb-7288971.exe,  BackWeb-8876480.exe,  BacsTray.exe,  BAExecutorWinApp.exe,  BAgent.exe,  Batmgr.exe,  Bawindo.exe,  BBC_Alerts.exe,  BBC iPlayer Desktop.exe,  BCD2000.exe,  BCMSQLStartupSvc.exe,  BCMWLTRY.exe,  BCU.exe,  BCUService.exe,  Bcvsrv32.exe,  BDAgent.exe,  BDESVC service,  BDMCon.exe,  Bdnagent.exe,  Bdnews.exe,  Bdss.exe,  BDSwitch.exe,  BDTUpdateService.exe,  BearShare.exe,  Belkinwcui.exe,  BePCSC.exe,  Besch.exe,  Better Memory Meter.exe,  Bgsvc.exe,  Bgsvcgen.exe,  BigCalculator.exe,  BigFix.exe,  BingDesktopUpdater.exe,  BitLocker Service,  Bittorrent.exe,  Wscript.exe Bkupinstall.vbs,  Bkupnow.exe,  BkupTray.exe,  Bkzbra.exe,  Blade.exe,  Bldbubg.exe,  Bling.exe,  BLive.exe,  Bluefrog.exe,  BlueSpaceNE.exe,  BluetoothHeadsetProxy.exe,  BluffTitler.exe,  BMan1.exe,  Bmctl.exe,  BO1HEL~1.exe,  BO1Helper.exe,  BOC425.exe, BOC426.exe,   BOC427.exe,  BOINC.exe,  BOINCMgr.exe,  BOINCTray.exe,  RUNDLL32.exe boln.dll,  Bolivar20.exe,  Bonusprint_Photoservice.exe,  BoostSpeed.exe,  Bpool.exe,  BrccMCtl.exe,  Bridge.exe,  Brinstck.exe,  BrkrSvc.exe,  BrMfcMon.exe,  BrMfcWnd.exe,  BrMfimon.exe,  Brmfrmps.exe,  Brmfrsmg.exe,  Brnipmon.exe,  BrokerInfrastructure,  Bronstab.exe,  Browser Service,  BRPJP04a.exe,  BRSS01A.exe,  BRSVC01A.exe,  BSAtomic.exe,  BSecAMX.exe,  BSecTray.exe,  bService.exe,  BTDevMgr.exe,  BTHelpNotifier.exe,  RUNDLL32.EXE,  Bthprops.cpl,  BTPlayerCtrl.exe,  Btwdins.exe,  BullGuard.exe,  BullGuardUpdate.exe


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