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Part of the XMOUSE drivers seen mainly as part of the drivers for Mitsumi Internet mice.  See  XWHEEL  on this page for more details.

Recommendation :
Everything which applies to  XWHEEL  applies to this task.



Application loader for the Xupiter adware (software which pulls advertisements from the Internet and displays them on your PC).  An extract from their Privacy Statement on 29-Aug-2003 :  "Xupiter is an advertising supported software application that provides you with additional content and advertisements based on the Web sites you visit most!  We provide you with advertisements that match your interests to make your Internet experience more satisfying.  We determine your interests by collecting information about what sites you visit on the Web.  For example if you visit a travel Web site, we may present an advertisement that promotes the sale of airline tickets.  These special offers and advertisements may be displayed using various browser enhancements and pop-up windows on Web sites you visit........  You acknowledge that Xupiter or parties appointed by Xupiter may from time to time provide programming fixes, updates and upgrades to you, including automatic updates to Xupiter, through automatic electronic dissemination and other means.  You consent to such automatic updates and agree that this Privacy Policy will apply to all such updates...".  Pretty self-explanatory.

Recommendation :
In our experience most users who have Xupiter did not willingly install it.  They clicked on something, did not read carefully enough what popped up, and, bang, suddenly they had Xupiter on their PC and started experiencing unusual amounts of popup ads.  We are against all adware, and we are certainly against all popup or popunder advertisements – we hate them with a passion !  But, in our view, that is nothing compared to software that will automatically update itself over the Internet without giving you, the owner of the PC, the choice of refusing the update.  THAT is crossing the line !  De-install anything Xupiter through the "Add/Remove Programs" icon in the Control Panel and then run "Spybot Search & Destroy" available on our Downloads page.




McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection System Tray icon.  System Tray icon which allows the user to open the McAfee Control Center.  Alternatively a right-click on the icon allows the user to perform some operations directly from the System Tray, such as running a full System Scan for example.  This icon is also responsible for displaying McAfee events as well as displaying the status of your McAfee software (e.g. fully updated).

Recommendation :
It is our view that all System Tray icons from security software (antivirus, Internet Security suites, anti-spyware) are extremely useful as a means to access the security program directly, and since most of them also display events, they are effectively essential.  Leave alone therefore.

This System Tray icon normally uses 1Mb to 9Mb of memory.




Background task installed by the mouse drivers for Mitsumi’s Internet Scroll Mice or the drivers for some laptops’ touch pads.  This task, when found on a desktop PC, provides support for the scroll wheel/stick on Mitsumi’s Internet mice as well as other manufacturers’ Internet mice.  When found on a laptop, XWHEEL provides support for the laptop’s touchpad.

Recommendation :
These drivers should only ever be used in Windows 95 which does not have native support for the Internet wheel/button/stick of modern mice.  For all other versions of Windows, these mice drivers are redundant and should be de-installed via the  “Add/Remove Programs”  icon in the Control Panel (Look for  XMOUSE  drivers), and this task should be deleted from the  Startups  tab in  The Ultimate Troubleshooter.  If you are using a laptop, and you have a version of Windows that is more recent than Windows 95, and  XWHEEL  is running, then experiment with disabling this task on the  Startups  tab of The Ultimate Troubleshooter and see if the touchpad works properly when you reboot the laptop.  If it does then you no longer need this task.  If, on the other hand, you do have Windows 95 on this laptop, then you should keep this task enabled.

All of the tasks below, and many more, although not detailed on this page, are explained in full in The Ultimate Troubleshooter.

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X1.exe,  XAudio64.exe,  XAudio.exe,  XCommSvr.exe,  XFTPGRABER.exe,  XMBLicensing.exe,  XmppAuth.exe,  XpFirewall.exe,  xplorer2_Lite.exe,  xplorer2_UC.exe,  XRemind.exe,  XTSvcMgr.exe,  Xsidet.exe


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